What DVC Students Are Wearing


Sophia Szekely, Staff Writer

Let the halls of high school be your runway by showing off what’s in your closet. From designer brands to thrift store novelties, high school can be the perfect space to wear whatever you want and be who you want to be.

Da Vinci Communications is special for its unique culture and diversity. The style is an immense part of that culture and who we are as a community.

So what are DVC students wearing? When asked what her favorite clothing item was Trina Umaña, a junior at Da Vinci Communications, said, “This is going to be weird but it’s a pair of sandals that I have right now that are like jellies, except it’s too cold to wear them.”

Organizing outfits can be a struggle with the always changing weather in California. “It really depends on what the weather is because I’m a very cold person so like I have to moderate everything,” Umana continued, referring to how she organizes her outfits.

Jaylinn Gatson, a freshman at DVC, thinks the same, “I usually check the weather every morning to see what I’m going to wear or I have a couple outfits set out,” she said when talking about why she chose her outfit.

This is an example of students dressing for comfort when attending school. There can be two different kinds of students, ones that dress to impress and ones that just want to be comfortable.

Comforting clothes come in clutch when you have a busy day full of work. “If I don’t feel like I can pull off something or if I don’t feel comfortable in what I’m wearing, I just don’t,” Jaylinn said when asked what makes her feel good when it comes to clothes.

The unique style also comes with favorite quirky items and influences. “I love socks. Socks are my favorite thing ever!” Benny, a sophomore at DVC continued, pointing at his socks,”These are luchador cats like it doesn’t get better than that,” Benny said when discussing his outfit he chose that day.

Jane Earle talked about how her love for anime characters crosses over into her fashion choices, “When it comes to fashion, to be completely honest I just look at a lot of anime characters. I think they’re super cool and I try to kinda imitate them. I really like Japanese fashion.”

Many students here create their style through thrifting. Searching through racks and racks of clothes has a reward to it, finding who you are.

When talking about thrifting Benny said, “I feel like it’s not just a matter of clothes, it’s the history behind them.” Zoe Fontenot, a senior at DVC, added on in another statement, “I love Jet Rag, It’s a vintage clothing store on Melrose” Talking about her favorite store to shop at.

We can express who we are in many ways. DVC students choose to show who we are through our clothes. Fontenot said, “I think I kinda have my own style,” when expressing she is fashion wise and that’s what we are here for.