A Way of Life at Artlife Gallery

Art-life Gallery welcomes in local community for meeting the artists, viewing their work, and live music

Art-life Gallery welcomes in local community for meeting the artists, viewing their work, and live music

Erica Bentley , DVC News Editor

A freezing chill from a whistling wind

to the warm glow of the lights

And the hollow beat of the music from a DJ

A warm welcome from kind faces and a beautiful scene


When people generally think of an art gallery, the first thing that may come to mind are the classic paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” and Vincent Van Gogh ’s “Starry Night”, or perhaps the seemingly judging silence and observation of museums and the Getty.

Artlife Gallery doesn’t feature the pieces that commonly pop into the mind at the thought of art, but the pieces that often go unnoticed. Artlife is a local art gallery that displays a variety of artists and perspectives.

Artlife Gallery was founded by Vanesa Andrade, a driven and talented artist, after a 10-year search for just the right place. Andrade first began exhibiting her art in museums when she was only 15 years old and her father inspired her to go after her dreams.

It took ten years for Andrade to find the kind of aura she wanted to be surrounded by and display her art in. Andrade tried having a gallery in downtown Los Angeles but felt wrong having to move a homeless person on the doorstep in order to open her doors.

Andrade opened Artlife Gallery in the South Bay because she has lived in the community for about 25 years, the parking around the gallery is free, and the fact that there is nature in front of the gallery, so she doesn’t feel the need to fill it with anything but art.

Andrade truly fulfilled her dream by opening a gallery since it takes a lot of hard work and persistence to open a gallery as an artist. When Andrade first opened her gallery, she realized she didn’t want to only feature her own work and that is when she began calling and networking in order to feature and exhibit other talented artists.

Currently, a few of the featured artists are Judy Lange, Monalisa Lind, and Vanesa Andrade who are all distinct and unique in their art. These artists seem to retain joy from the messages that are perceived through their art rather than a specific message they seek to convey.

“I work on my art every day, I live and breathe art, I enjoy helping others and feel inspired by positive people around me,” Andrade stated. “I challenge myself every day with new projects and thoughts. When I work with love and passion and do what I love everything is possible.”

This is the positive insight that was very clearly reflected in a piece of art that was a sculpture of a small, wooden treehouse in a nature scene that seemed to be warm, welcoming, and overall positive.

Andrade also selected the artists she works with for their positive and rare insights on the world as well as their positive attitudes.

Judy Lange’s approach to art is very insightful and seems to be similar to an image coming out of a distant memory. Lind feels joy from what the interpretation of the painting is.

“When I make these paintings, I just paint strokes on the canvas. I turn it around, I paint new strokes until an image begins to appear,” Lange added about her unique art form. “Sometimes I paint over the whole canvas again because the image that was coming out wasn’t quite right.”

When Lange creates a painting, she does not feel as if it is for her, but for someone out there that needs to see it. “There was a woman who really loved one painting I did and it was a bit too much for her to get. It was hanging in my house and I realized it wasn’t my painting,” Lange mentioned in a brief anecdote explaining her feelings on her art. “I called her the next day and gave it to her because the painting wasn’t mine, it was made for her.”

These artists, like most, are proud when an emotion is drawn out their work from the audience. “I’m glad you got something out of it,” Monalisa Lind, a Swedish artist that seems to convey a playful maturity through her work, commented.

Lind strives to provoke a response from her audience through using various forms of artwork. Lind often switches from oil paintings to sculptures to arranging a photo on thin paper and a splash of glitter on a classic painting.

These artists are from varying origins and all possess their own style and mission. Artlife Gallery seems to bring together the people that are not expected to be placed beside each other and they do it their own way.If someone doesn’t want their art to be displayed next to another person’s art, that artist either accepts it or does not display their art.

The aura of the art gallery is completely alternate to the outside world; it is a place where outside conversations and hustle seem to dissipate as one appreciates the art. The art and aura also take on a multitude of views and ideas that are practically buzzing in the air.

Today, it is especially essential to take part in this environment and pay respect to the wide variety of art such as that displayed in Artlife Gallery for the purpose of looking at the world in a variety of perspectives.

“I would love the students to come visit the gallery, to find inspiration for their creativity and to share their ideas or projects so we can connect and produce art and cultural projects together,” Andrade expressed.

Artlife Gallery has monthly art exhibits where the public has the opportunity to come to the gallery for free, meet the artists, and enjoy live music. Everyone should experience this kind of exhibit at least once in their life, as it is an amazing opportunity to communicate with people of all views. Take on a new perspective and try new things as it might shock someone as to what they could learn.

Artlife Gallery: 720 C South Allied Way, Plaza El Segundo, CA 90245