Is Colin Kaepernick Still A Free Agent?


Colin Kaepernick refuses to stand for the national anthem again by Cork Gaines. Fans previously seemed not to notice Kaepernick’s silent protests. This time, however, he was booed by fans in the audience.

James Skinner , Staff Writer

Colin Kaepernick, a former San Francisco 49ers quarterback was named GQ Magazines’ citizen of the year in 2017, which shows how much of an impact he made in our country. Yet he still hasn’t been signed to an NFL team even though his stats were more exceptional than a fair amount of other quarterbacks, with 6 years of experience racking up over 12 thousand passing yards, and 72 touchdowns as well as 2,300 rushing yards. So, why hasn’t he been signed?

Kaepernick is a marvelous quarterback that got robbed of his job because he wanted to make a statement about police brutality and racism that has been going on in America leading up to the take a knee movement.

He simply could not stand to sit back and watch all of the hashtags on social media of the different names of African Americans that got killed without much justification over and over again.

Some may argue that Kaepernick’s take a knee movement showed disrespect to America and that he essentially kicked all of the fallen soldiers who died for our country in the dust. Some argue that he could have done it in a less dramatic way.

There was no other way to start a movement that would make a significant influence after so many have tried and failed. Kaepernick’s movement was different; it didn’t begin with a myriad of strangers protesting in the streets, it was a famous, renowned quarterback who decided to do the irregular to make an impact in America and to stop racism and police brutality. Unfortunately, his career was terminated because of it.

“I don’t feel like criticizing your country is the same thing as disrespecting it, I feel like criticizing your country can be a sign of loving your country,” Robert Allen, the Government teacher at Da Vinci Communications said.

The NFL is so afraid of how President Trump and the rest of America would respond if Kaepernick continued to play in the league while still protesting for change.

President Trump expressed his opinion on how the NFL was not putting enough effort into stopping the movement via Twitter. “The NFL has decided that it will not force players to stand for the playing of our National Anthem. Total disrespect for our great country!”, said Trump’s tweet.

If the president never made such rough and threatening remarks about the NFL, then football teams would not question signing and playing such a mobile quarterback.

If Kaepernick never stepped up with his movement then who would have?

There is no other athlete out there that would be as willing as Kaepernick to risk a sports career to make a change in society’s views towards racism.

Back in 2011, Kaepernick was picked by the San Francisco 49ers with the 36th pick in the second round of the NFL draft. Since then, he’s experienced both the ups and downs as an NFL quarterback, but now he is a free agent struggling to sign with a team.

Out of all the starting quarterbacks that played last season, Kaepernick has better passing statistics than many of them.

Reuben Fischer Baum, a journalist for The Washington Post, wrote in his article, The Colin Kaepernick tracker, that “over the course of the season, 10 quarterbacks were worse than Kaepernick, 7 were about the same and 15 were better.” Believe it or not, all 10 teams could have used Kaepernick to improve their team during the season.

Zuraiz Hashmi, a sophomore at DVC and 49ers fan, reflected on Kaepernick’s absence, “I think he should still be playing, politics aside. He was a great quarterback and I feel like him not playing is just a waste of his talent, and I honestly hope that the Niners resign him.”

“Not because of any political things, but just because of how great he was, I feel like him and Jimmy Garoppolo (the current 49ers quarterback) can lead us to the playoffs,” Hashmi added.

“I think that from what I heard, second hand, he is a good player, good enough to be a second-string quarterback in the league, at least. Obviously, he was good enough to basically win the Superbowl,” Allen added, referring back to super bowl 47 when the 49ers took on the Baltimore Ravens in 2013.

Since his time in the NFL, Kaepernick has not been complaining but instead donating to different organizations to help improve the economy. Such as Helping Oppressed Mothers Endure (H.O.M.E) in Lithonia, Georgia, Imagine LA and Youth Service Inc. Kaepernick didn’t work alone, either, as he had the help of many other celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, Serena Williams, and the Boston Celtics rookie Jaylen Brown. Each and every one of them contributed by donating ten thousand plus to an organization of their choice.

Kaepernick has also hosted a “Know Your Rights” camp for black youth to learn and appreciate the rights that they are given in the community and to also teach them how to live a healthy lifestyle so that they can achieve their dreams.

Kaepernick currently has a legal team working to investigate the reason for him not being signed to a team for so long after he became a free agent in May 2017. If more people can support him and pick his side, then maybe the NFL will continue to let him perform in the National Football League.