A Woman’s Womb, A Woman’s Choice


The assumption that any person who is pro-choice is also pro-abortion is not only misleading, but also quite inaccurate Darius Miner (Apr 26, 2016)

Vanessa Hernandez, Staff Writer

Due to respect and confidentiality, the names in this article have been changed as requested by the sources.

It was a cold afternoon, the AC in the small waiting room making the setting much more terrifying. All that can be heard is the clicking of pens, the typing of computers and the nurses calling each name. An 18-year-old girl, with ashy brown hair, fills out papers that could change her life forever; she’s only a freshman in college and the unspoken truth lies within her.

“You walk in, and it’s quiet. Nothing like the doctor’s office, you’re hit with a load and suddenly you feel heavy,” said the source, waving her hands in a downward motion.

At a very young age, we are taught to make our own choices, to do what we feel is right. Although we’re granted these freedoms, we come to face the cruelty of a society that judges us for the choices that we make. As women, we are told we have a choice, but to what extent? Men take over when it comes to making the rules here, yet none of them know the painful experience of bearing a child. Why should men decide if aborting a baby should be legal?

Abortion was first introduced in the 1800s in the form of consuming herbs. In the 1960s, abortions then became a morality issue, given the lack of resources to undergo safe abortions many women were left with no other choice but to dangerously abort their child.

Some forms of abortion were fasting, pouring boiling water on the abdomen, or even a “catheter abortion.”

Women have fought tirelessly to make it aware that they do have a choice. It wasn’t until 1973 in the Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade that abortion became legal in the US and the procedures became “safer.” However, people who were still opposed to abortion began rallies to end fundings for any organization that supported abortion, and the fight began.

“There are options, putting a child in a foster care system, or up for adoption.  Women do not have to end a child’s life, there are options. A life is a life, and that should not be taken. If it is you are disturbing the law. Everyone has a right to their life, whether it be a fetus or an elder. We all deserve the right to live,” said a 32-year-old man.

Of course, there are options for those who do not wish to have a child after they are born, but what happens to the child after? The effects foster care has on a child is much worse. In the study, The Effects of Foster Care Placement on Young Children’s Mental Health conducted by Beth Troutman, she says children who are placed in the foster care system at a young age are likely to spend most of their life in it. It affects them mentally because the children are being moved from home to another, never having a stable one.  

Others may disagree with abortion on the basis of religious beliefs and argue that life was sent by God, and shouldn’t be taken away.

“I wasn’t having it. No. I still don’t agree. My granddaughter should’ve never had an abortion.” The grandmother of the source shook her head. Being the religious woman she is, she added, “God gave her that baby, why take it away? She messed with the path that God put her on. He does everything for a reason” With that she huffed, recollecting herself, “It would’ve been a blessing.”

Many can argue that abortion is something women are never sure of. Sure, it’s a difficult decision to make, but when you know you do not have the income or the aid, why bring a child into the world? Whether women are sure of it or not, who are we to make a choice for them?

Women have always been criticized for the actions that they make, some more than others.

“I didn’t have anyone supporting my decision. People shun you, family, even. People question you and begin to wonder if you are even human. I was looked down on, and I get it. Somethings just aren’t for everyone, hell, I didn’t think I would abort, but I did. It’s not a fun experience, in fact, it’s one of the most heartbreaking things ever, ” the source spoke with regret. The silence pierced the air, she no longer looked at me or the pale chipped walls. Her chipped pink painted fingernails became fascinating and her feet hit the ground in a set of threes.

After a few minutes of silence with the tapping of her foot filling the void, she said, “It was a choice I had to make, no one else’s.”