When It Comes to Feminism, Men Also Matter

Feminism And Race byLindsey Yoo.nsions and challenges in feminism along issues of race (npr).

Feminism And Race byLindsey Yoo.nsions and challenges in feminism along issues of race (npr).

Christian Espinosa, Staff Writer

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Are you not a man if you have feelings? Are you not a woman if you are impervious? Yes, you are. Why does it matter to people whether a male displays his feelings and woman does not? Feminism is a term that has a huge umbrella; it can be for anyone, meaning that it is not only for women. It’s about equalizing the oppressed, not ostracizing men.

“I feel like a woman can be masculine and men can also be feminine,” said Christian Alfaro, a sophomore at Da Vinci Communications. Alfaro continued by saying, “It’s not just based on that certain gender. I do think either gender can be either or.”  People should consider reaching this mindset because it exposes them to different cultures, morals, and perspectives.

Feminism is primarily believed to be “pro-women”, forcing many to think that it secludes anyone who is not a woman out of the movement. However, feminism supports women’s rights on the basis of equality for all genders, sexualities, and identities.

Feminism has so many misconceptions and Noel Ingram, a 10th English teacher, had some to share. “I think one of the big misconceptions is that feminism is just about women,” she said. “ I think that’s one of the misconceptions, that if you’re a feminist you hate men which isn’t the case.” I think that just because you are a feminist and you want to equalize women and equalize people that are ostracized does not mean you hate men.

Being able to know what feminism is and to understand that men, too, have various opinions on the topic is the first step in achieving the full knowledge of feminism. With intersectional feminism, many groups of people are brought together and informed that no matter what your sexuality or gender is, you are still equal. People of another sexuality and liking the same sex can receive hate. I believe that feminism can help bring down hate towards same-sex couples.

Famous feminists like Emma Watson and Rowan Blanchard help bring down the haters and decrease the amount that is said to different groups. Rowan Blanchard is an intersectional feminist and explained, “I believe in my generation. I believe in girls. I believe in women. I believe in people of color. I believe in LGBTQ+ community. I believe.”  Celebrities with huge platforms can help stop harassment, bullying and the judgment some people give to others of a different race, ethnicity, gender, or sexuality.

So many people are part of different ethnicities and races. It brings a wide variety of cultures, food, and features of a person. The opinions someone has is phenomenal because without multiple thoughts and perspectives the world would be bland and boring.

Embrace the fact that everyone, both male and female, is able to have opinions and perspectives on situations that happen in the world. Women aren’t the only ones who feel strongly about women’s rights. Women aren’t the only ones subjected to sexual violence. Women aren’t the only ones who cry. On the topic of feminism, David Wilson, the ninth grade math teacher at DVC said, “I believe that [feminism] is for everyone.”

I believe that no matter who you are whether it be a different race, ethnicity, gender, or sexuality, feminism is here to make sure you are equal.

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