With Growth and Expansion, Will DVC’s Culture Remain the Same?

Da Vinci students enjoying their lunch and hanging out with friends in the lounge

Da Vinci students enjoying their lunch and hanging out with friends in the lounge

Sophia Solorzano, Multimedia Editor

Da Vinci Communications High School was founded in 2013, since then the school has expanded, with an extra class of freshmen and staff to become permanent members of the Da Vinci family. Next year, the sophomore class will also be doubling in size.

“The classrooms in the future will all be filled up and that’s a discussion we have been having,” said Adam Eynon, the assistant principal of Da Vinci Communications. “There hasn’t been a final decision yet.”

On February 22, 2018, there were symposiums being held for new prospective sophomore teachers. In these symposiums, students were able to engage in interactive lessons with candidates for English and Math classes, after, they evaluated teachers to determine whether they’d be a good fit for Da Vinci.

Mr. Watson, an English candidate, entered the class at 9:00 a.m. and gave a lesson on poetry and rhyme.

“I liked how he was engaging and had conversations with everyone to make sure that we understood the lesson,” said Kamryn Williams, a sophomore at DVC.

Another sophomore Malachi Hudshon said of Mr. Watson at the symposium, ¨I liked how he was nervous, so that made him more human.¨

At 10:25 a.m. the math candidate Mr. Sanchez arrived and gave a lesson on inverse functions in which students worked independently and then brought together for a class discussion.

“I appreciate how he wrote definitions and the different steps he taught on the board beforehand,” said Macie Legaspi, a sophomore at DVC.

Regarding the hiring process Eynon commented,“It’s the exact thing we have done in the past with symposiums to have students get an idea of what the teacher is like, and we know specific positions we need.”

Students are worried that with the expansion of our school the school culture will be lost. “The expansion of DVC is hard, but at Science and at Design they expanded and the culture is great at both schools. If I hadn’t seen it before I would probably be more worried,” Eynon added.

Here at DVC students have a strong connection with teachers. One of the new recent teachers, Kristina Becht, believes Da Vinci has a positive environment and most of it consists of her coworkers. “I can see that students are excited to learn and everyone is collaborating with one another,” she said.

Here at DVC, everyone is considered family, that hasn’t changed for the freshmen even since their expansion. Keyarre Hawkins, a freshman at DVC said, “The connections with my teachers are closer and they are approachable.”

For some freshmen starting high school it can be challenging and worrisome to start fresh, “I really thought that I would be left out, but now it’s really good and I enjoy my teachers and my classes, I’ve made new friends along the way,” said Dylan Gomez, a freshman at DVC.

Elizabeth Smit, the new Physics teacher expressed,“Here at Da Vinci there is a sense of family and trust and you see this in all grade levels.”

DVC will remain the same regardless of the increase of class size. The whole idea of a family-oriented, project-based learning, in a respectful and loving community, will continue on for years to come. We will keep doing things differently.