The Taco Dollar

Ruben Cassanova, Student Contributor

From the moment you walk up to Taco Dollar, your first thought is probably, “is this even legal?” The answer is probably no. Everything from the churro lady posted up in the parking lot or the man selling all of his bootleg movies and Spanish music cd’s and even the policemen and firefighters who park in the middle of the street with their sirens on just to get a quick taco.

My favorite part of taco dollar is by far the “language barrier”. The simple fact that nearly every person working at taco dollar speaks little to no English is such a subtle but amazing nice thing to have. Taking friends who don’t speak Spanish and having them try to order their own food is one of the things you must check off your bucket list. Speaking and conversing in Spanish is fun at times because it reminds you of home and family, it’s a part of me that I don’t get to use every day.

The truck itself has a unique design, single dollars painted along its sides and their menu posted beside the ordering window. I ordered a beef taco and a chicken taco to go. They gave me my number that they would call out later once my food was ready. I waited a few minutes idling by the bootleg movie section and contemplating the 3 for 10 deal that the man keeps trying to issue me. Then, they shouted out my number and I grabbed my bag of food.

One thing I noticed was that you receive your food on a plate if you ordered for “restaurant seating”, but if you ordered “to go” they give you your tacos wrapped in tin foil separated by the kind of meat you ordered, a bag of onions, cilantro, and 2 of each salsa in containers. If you don’t order to go, make sure to get the condiments at the front of the truck where they keep all of the condiments that are in the to go bag and more. Like every Mexican restaurant, they, of course, have lemon, my personal favorite. The spicy chili lime cucumber slices are not something to mess with, they are a challenge to eat, especially by itself.

All there is when it comes to seating is a bench on the sidewalk and another inside if the parking lot. Parking can be a pain when coming to Taco Dollar, fitting seating, sales, and car parking all into one lot.

When eating tacos I only use the light green sauce and lemon. The lemons helped cool down the meat and give it a calm citrusy taste, complemented by the green sauce’s happy guacamole sauce that leaves you with a comfortable spicy feeling in your mouth. Not to mention the soft and crunchy churros that the nice quiet lady fries in front of you. You could walk away from taco dollar with three tacos, four churros and drink for five dollars. You may call me cheap, I would too.

Taco Dollar 10909 Hawthorne Blvd, Inglewood CA 90304. (310) 680- 751. Hours: Monday – Friday 4PM – 12AM, Sunday 11AM – 12AM, Saturday 11AM – 3AM. Tacos $1 each Other food $5-8. No Reservations Needed. Cash only. Parking: Small lot or street (watch for parking restrictions on adjacent streets).

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