“I Bleed Red, White and Blue.”


Photo provided by Respect for Our Military and the scarifies made. A special thanks to soldiers, heroes who have willingly served our country.

Sophia Solorzano, Multimedia Editor

Being patriotic today doesn’t necessarily mean displaying the American flag on your front porch or placing stickers on the back windows of your car.

Citizens agree that fighting for this country is an honor, a chance to protect their country.  “Serving your country should come out of the heart, it should not be forced,¨ Belmez Reyes, a soldier, and warrior for the United States Army remarked. 

Soldiers are service members that work in different branches of the military such as the  Army Reserve, Army National Guard, Marine Corps, Navy Reserve, Air Force and many more.

“Serving your country should be done with respect and honor… I wore the United States flag on my shoulder. I bleed, red, white and blue,” Reyes added.

In the 18th century, patriots were against the British monarchy. Their ideas were then associated with classical liberalism, a movement that formed the basis for America’s founding.

Developed in the 19th-century classical liberalism, ¨Was a political ideology which advocates civil liberties… under the rule of law with the main focus on economic freedom,¨ according to The American and Political Culture Origins.

More recently according to Rich Lowry, a writer for The Branches and Stands for the Government, 52 percent of Republicans and 48 percent refer to themselves as extremely patriotic. In the Democratic Party liberals, 39 refer to themselves as patriotic. The break is, however, that there has been an overview of greater issues on globalism, terrorism, and illegal immigration in which both parties disagree greatly. The level of patriotism differentiates between Democrats and Republicans. 

Ms. A is a substitute teacher for many school districts and can be found smiling brightly on the DVC campus, she grew up with her mother who served as a sergeant major, a very prestigious role in the U.S Army.

Just like children born into patriotic families tend to grow up with a strong pride for the country.  “Being patriotic is working on the character because that’s what elevates our country. Being a good person and actually working on yourself and improving your integrity and offering of service to others,” Ms. A said.

Compared with people in most other countries, Americans nativism is much stronger, and most say that being an American is an important part of their identity. Older Americans are much more dedicated to the symbols that represent the U.S. like its flag. Younger citizens express higher support for classic American ideals, such as equality and opportunity.

Being in a military family can be difficult and students who are in school often have to continue transferring. ¨My dad is part of the Marine Corps,”  said Joanna Taracena, a sophomore at Hawthorne High School who is currently here in California and will be staying for two years.

“Patriotism to me means caring and understanding for a country, and a willingness to sacrifice, and to be appreciative for a great nation,” she added. 

Patriotism has the word patriot inside; the definition of a patriot is a person who supports their country. They are prepared to defend it against enemies. A patriot is any man, woman, or child who is prepared to defend and protect the country. A special thanks to military families risking their lives to serve and protect.