Love Is In The Air


Target store filled valentine themed desserts and bears ready to be given to the one you love

Lesley Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Teddy bears holding hearts with “I love you”, candy heart boxes splattered across the walls of stores and sparkling jewelry is something that couples can’t escape. It’s February, the month of love.

Valentine’s Day can date back to A.D during the peak of the Roman Catholicism. Many people believe Valentines is based on the legend of St.Valentine, he’s a third-century Roman saint who is associated with courtly and intentional love. This day was intended to be a religious Catholic holiday, but over the years the meaning has changed. Others think that Valentines was started by the card making brand Hallmark gain more money by forcing people to buy their loved one’s cards, flowers, and assorted chocolates for this special day.

Whether or not you’re in a relationship, people celebrate this holiday in different ways.

Cady Tran, a sophomore at Da Vinci Communications said, “I don’t make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day. To me, it’s just another holiday that shows how much you love that person when you could essentially do that every day.”

In the golden age of love during this holiday couples would mail each other love letters and invite each other to holiday dances. These essentials are still something people can do now but times have changed including Valentine’s activities couples do momentarily.  

Trina Umaña and Kenny Garcia, a junior DVC couple, talk about how couples have changed from past times. “I think Valentines is way more materialistic than it was in the past, it’s commercialized and honestly it’s not a true holiday,” Umana remarked. Garcia emphasized,“ I wish people would stop depending on nice gifts and just go out to the beach or go get food.”

Valentine’s Day was the highlight of elementary school and every student adored the sweet treats given on the holiday. The sugar rush, the feeling of appreciation from your classmates, and receiving your favorite Valentine’s card. In high school it’s all about what you can get individually, never worrying about everyone else anymore.

Geovani Espinoza, a sophomore at DVC, stated: “We do celebrate it differently in elementary school, if you didn’t bring something for everyone then you didn’t bring something at all.” In this century people are starting to dismiss Valentine’s Day, even if they are in a relationship because everything in this day and age is expensive.

Trina Umana exclaimed, “I view valentines day the same way I did when I was single-it’s just a day to buy overpriced candies and go expensive crowded restaurants.”  

High school and college students both celebrate it, but one is now considered a responsible adult. High school people are trying to figure out their lives and even in college people are still trying to figure out their lives, but now have more responsibilities.

Valentine’s day can be a more difficult financially for these students. Garcia later pointed out to college students, “You’re just not too excited about it because of all the work and such little money you have during those times.”

Despite the lack of excitement, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to be in a relationship to enjoy the holiday or show the people around you love and appreciation as much as you can.