Anything for Selenas


Photo Provided By: Selena’s success remains after many years

Lesley Rodriguez, Staff Writer

“Anything for Selena” as said from the Selena film, was in full force November 3, 2017. The Texan-Mexican singer, Selena Quintanilla Perez, was finally recognized with a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame after 22 years, which was long awaited by supporters. Her sister, Suzette Quintanilla, and her husband, Chris Perez, proudly accepted the star for her and her fan.

Selena was fatally shot on March 31, 1995, by her fan club founder, Yolanda Saldivar. She passed away when her career was at its peak, and she was being recognized as “The Queen of Tejano” music.

Quintanilla wasn’t adored just for her musical talent; she created her own clothing line  Selena’s Boutique and was a spokeswoman for Coca-Cola. She played an active role in her community by giving donations to school programs and speaking on the importance of an education.

Vienne Perez, a sophomore at DVC, shared, “I feel like she well deserved her star because of all the work she put into making music and how she passed away she did a lot of things to deserve a star and she changed other people’s lives.”

Selena was the first Tejano artist to receive a Grammy, and her last album was the fastest-selling female album in pop history. Even after twenty-two years have passed since Selena’s death, her legacy still lives on.

Fans lined up to take pictures with the star and bond together while listening to Quintanilla’s greatest songs, from Spanish hits like Bidi Bidi Bom Bom to the English crossover song I Could Fall In Love.

Quintanilla’s first language was English then she started learning Spanish to reconnect with her Spanish speaking roots. She created Spanish songs but later on, in her career, she made an English speaking album. Even throughout her Spanish songs, she incorporated some English words. So other non-Spanish speaking people can also enjoy her music.

Israel Gonzalez, a junior at DVC, explained, “I think she deserves a star because she was transitioning from Spanish music to English music. She deserves it because she was so big in Mexico and the U.S.”

Quintanilla was someone that many of our parents and grandparents looked up to, she was breaking language barriers and was a sweetheart to everyone.

Gemma Mendez, a freshman at DVC, briefly talked about growing up with Selena.

“It started with my grandmas because they would always show me her music. Now that I’m older I actually listen to her songs and the lyrics and not just going with the beat.”

This is just another reminder to Selena’s family and fans that she won’t be forgotten anytime soon. With the star being placed people remember her humble beginnings and how she became the star we all love and remember today.

“The reason I’m so appreciative of everything that’s going on around me is cause I never expected it. Never dreamed…never in my wildest dreams thought I would come this far and I plan to keep that attitude.” – Selena Quintanilla Perez.