Performance Team


DVC’s first performance team.

Riley Arnold, Entertainment Editor

5, 6, 7, 8…. Give me a P, E, R, F, O, R, M, A, N, C, E! Da Vinci Communications (DVC) and Design (DVD)  High Schools have just started a new club called the Performance team.

This is a cheer and dance club that will perform at Community Dialogues (CD) along with Exhibition to showcase their skills. The point of this club is to encourage the members to feel confident with themselves as well as to promote school culture.

The girls will frequently perform a wide variety of dances from multiple genres ranging from hip-hop to contemporary to even tango. They will also showcase themed dances for special holidays like Christmas.

The team is very close-knit and members have become even closer to their first performance.

The four co-captains of the team include Vienna Perez a 10th grader at DVC and 9th graders Tiffany Brown, Celeste Torres, and Andrea Aguayo.

Co-Captain Vienna Perez, the founder of the performance team, stated, “I wanted to be more involved with the school, and the way I thought I could get more involved was by starting a club. So I started the performance team as a cheerleading team because I did cheerleading when I was younger.”

She goes on to talk about how the switch from a cheerleading team to a performance team had a big effect on her as a co-captain.

“It was a little difficult because I had to be in a lot of meetings, just talking about it. It was also frustrating because we did have to change our whole perspective on the team and a lot of girls did drop out because of this change,” Perez explained.

The new DVC academic coach Stacey España has taken on a bigger role as the coach for the new performance team. Espana has always been interested in dance ever since she was a little girl, so being the advisor for the performance team is a great role for her.

“Vienna approached me just as a conversation that she wanted to start something that had to do with dance and so it seemed like something really fun and I told her that I can be the advisor for it and that’s how it started,” stated Espana.

She is nervous, but also very excited and can’t wait to see where the girls take the team.

“At first I was like ‘what am I going to do with 50 girls’, but it turned out great,” she said. “It was definitely a struggle at first, but I love it. I love the thought of all-inclusiveness, I think that it just promotes what DVC stands for.” 

“Dance is definitely my favorite extracurricular activity that I did growing up, I did cheer and ballet, I even did Pacific Island dancing, which was so much fun,” she continued. “So it’s just all kinds of dancing, which is why I think it’s so fun to have a team like the one we have where we are going to incorporate all different types of dances.”

On October 20th, the team had their first performance for DVC’s Halloween themed CD.

The audience and teachers were amazed by Stacey and the girls’ hard work in preparing the dance.

Throughout the entire performance, everyone on the team was dancing even if they were off to the side. No individual team member would be getting the spotlight over others.

Milan Boykins, member of the Performance Team and ninth-grader at DVC says, “I like how we all work as a team, nobody is being left out, and there is no hated on the team as well.”

The main focus of the performance team is for the members to practice inclusivity while also having fun doing what they love.

“I just want everyone to have a great time, the people who watch us and the team of course,” Espana expressed. “I think that [it’s important to] always remind the girls that [the team] is for fun, that when they are out there performing, they are [always] having a great time.”