The Season to Serve

Photo provided by: The season of giving. Child with a big heart.

Photo provided by: The season of giving. Child with a big heart.

Sophia Solorzano, Multimedia Editor

Surrounded by the love of family and friends, lots of food, and presents, the holidays are a perfect time for families to come together and make memories. However, during these harmonious times of the year, there are many people who wander the streets seeking shelter.

The time of year has arrived where most teens do their research and go out to help, whether it be at a hospital, a retirement home, homeless shelter or orphanage. Mission trips around the world are also a form of giving this time of the season. In 2016, according to Global Leadership Adventures, more than 25,000 high school students ages 15-18 travel around the world to provide service for people who are less fortunate.  

“I think the greatest feeling is when I can make a kid smile,” said Alison Howard, a senior at Da Vinci Communications. She meets new people every time and when she travels “the experience is never the same.”  

Within the church, Christians view serving the poor community as a way of showing God’s unconditional love. Nancy Flores, a youth leader at El Buen Samaritano (Good Samaritan Church) said, ‘In 2012, it was the first time the youth went to the Los Angeles Children’s hospital to give them gloves, scarves, and pillows… When put in this environment it is a beautiful sensation of happiness.”  

The president of Key Club Matthew Ujemov a junior at DVC mentioned, “When I switched to Da Vinci Communications I started to extend the club from Da Vinci Science to Da Vinci Communications and Da Vinci Design. Community service means giving back to your community with small steps that can add up to big results.”

Throughout the year there will be future community service events hosted by Key Club as well. “The club will be participating with Cali-Nev-Ha (California-Nevada-Hawaii) District and will be creating a Rose Float in Pasadena, California. We also have a holiday food packaging event in Santa Monica to pack food for the homeless for the Holidays,” Ujemov added.

The National Honors Society is another way to get involved the community. According to its student program, The National Honors Society is an organization dedicated to acknowledging the students who exude excellence in the areas of “scholarship, service, leadership, and character.”

“As a leader seeing other students in NHS it makes me feel great to know that students want to be a part of the community. The services are for the greater good of somebody else. It’s multiple people helping and making an impact,” said Jazmyn Davis, a senior at DVC and the president of The National Honors Society.

The seasons are a special reminder to people to spread gratitude regardless of their situation; no one is ever left behind. In order to show the love and joy, there are many organizations that you can join to open your heart and give back to the people in need.

For more information to volunteer and be involved in your community, there are resources provided below or talk to Vice Principal Adam Eynon or Principal Dr. Scott Weatherford.