Rap Pop Punk Emo Rock n’ Trap

Alison Howard, Web Designer

Emo Rap, Old Synth Pop, Hop Pop, Pop Punk, Robot experimental music.

These titles don’t fall under the typical genre lists apparently on Spotify or Top 100 playlists, but they are becoming an extremely inspirational style of music in our current pop culture.Through integrating contrasting genres, these artists are able to reach a broader number of niche groups.

Dario Apodaca, a junior at Da Vinci Design High School, explained, “I started listening to emo hip-hop because when I got into underground music a lot of it sounded like bands I listened to earlier and I was into emo and pop punk a lot so the emo hip-hop is a cool blend of the both.”

The collective of artists, musicians, and producers “Goth Boi Clique” or GBC create music under these genres in an effort to spread their obscene uncensored messages to the masses.

Some members of GBC include the creators Wikkaphase and Horsehead, producers Nedarb and Captain Crunch, the late emo rapper Lil Peep, old synth-pop pioneer Lil Tracy, Patrick, and pop-punk artists Gab3 and Lil Aaron.

In an interview about GBC posted on Youtube Nedarb talks about how he started getting into music through playing the guitar for hardcore rock bands and messing around with garage band beats in high school. His music is inspired by his background in those genre’s layering samples of guitar, emo songs, and beats to create “emotional trap music.”

Although members of GBC all have varying sounds they all tend to “talk about what they go through and their lives; drugs whether it’s recreational addiction or both and same with sex it’s not like glamorizing it.”

In our current pop culture, the fame of Hollywood stars and musicians is often based on a fake brand they create for themselves. The group GBC is loved by many of its fans for never holding back from the truth. Common themes throughout the songs published under GBC include their experiences with anxiety, depression, addiction, heartbreak, death and more.

“Emo Rap” had been mostly underground until Lil Peep’s fame began transcending many of his fellow musicians. He became the first one in GBC to get signed by an official record label and make it to Billboards Hot 100.

November 15, 2017, Lil Peep passed away at age 21 from taking Xanax that was laced with the dangerous cheap drug Fentanyl in Tucson, Arizona. He was on tour at the time and supposed to perform in Los Angeles the very next day. Following his death, controversy arose based off videos he posted on Snapchat and Instagram during the hours before his death. He can be seen talking in a slurred voice and ingesting prescription pills.

Immediately after this came out, people began to try to turn his death into a public service announcement to end the epidemic of addiction to prescription pills. However, Robert Gonzalez an avid GBC listener and DJ for underground warehouse shows believe public opinion surrounding, “his [Lil Peep’s] death should be seen as a mental health issue rather than a drug issue. He was going through a lot and when people have mental health issues along with drug addiction it’s really hard to just stop.”

Gonzalez notes that hopefully, Lil Peep’s death will deter people from starting the harmful cycle of Xanax, but for those who are already in deep, “we shouldn’t blame or demonize them for a medical disorder.”

Lil Peep’s passing has raised attention on his coined genre, however, the conception of raw obscure sounds is finding it’s way into all styles of music.

The band Chocolate Dungeon was started by musicians who started playing alternative rock music, which led to the formation of their band Super Lunch. About a year ago they began an experimental project based off of melodies they create from freestyle jamming which they then replicate into beats using recording software. The sounds they make are “experimental” and the lyrics consist of edgy poetry written on his iPhone notepad the day off.

They’ve named the unique tunes of Chocolate Dungeon “Robot Music” they explain how, “we are playing on all these robot boxes like our keyboards, amps, drum machine box… we are an extension of our instruments. As Robosexuals we just try and make our information objective in our lyrics for that sake; to keep it all robotic. Might as well embrace it, instead of fighting it you know it is the robot revolution.”

Their “objective information” can be interpreted as insensitive to respecting social norms, however, that is the point, to say what normal is too emotional to be said with lyrics regarding suicide, world over-population, being a sellout, and extreme teenage boredom.

From Emo Rap to Pop Punk to Alternative Rock n’ Roll the experimental blending of diverse music genres is something we are just seeing the start of. Due to the increasing inventive technology in the musical field, it is inevitable for the strange innovative sounds to get even stranger.