Welcome Home to the New Building


Daily Breeze and Press Telegram

Photo Provided by: Rob Kuznia. Schematics of the new Wiseburn High School;

Erica Bentley, DVC News Editor

The summer of 2017, staff had to temporarily unpack their classrooms when the expected move date was delayed until October; now, it is finally happening: the Da Vinci community is moving to the new building.

This has been a long seven-year journey for the Da Vinci schools. Starting November 8, 2017, the Da Vinci community will be inhabiting their new facility on 201 N. Douglas Street in El Segundo, CA.

The anticipation for the new building has increased since spring 2017 when the first graduating class of Da Vinci Communications was hopeful to be in the new building before their graduation.

“We’ve been talking about this for years, the poor seniors that already graduated wish it could have have been done for them, and I’m really happy that you guys get at least one semester in there because I think you guys deserve it,”  Adam Eynon, the assistant principal of DVC, remarked.

The building has long been in development with numerous barriers, including the bankruptcy of the electric company, but it has been inspected and is now ready for students to make it their home.

Da Vinci’s new facility is going to be called Wiseburn High, it has a 13.7-acre campus which is a large difference from the current bungalows, but the building is something that the Da Vinci community is going to have to adjust to.

“They spent 12 million dollars just to earthquake retrofit it,” Eynon said. “The fire inspector from El Segundo walked through last week and he said ‘I feel like this is the safest building in all of Los Angeles County.’ If there’s going to be an earthquake or fire, this is where you’re going to want to be.”

Though the change is large in size, it is a small shift in location since the new building is just down the street from the Da Vinci Science, Da Vinci Design, and Da Vinci Communications campuses.

The combination of schools in one building is going to be an interesting transition, but both students and staff believe it will be a good change. The staff has been meeting for nearly two years to discuss the transition of space with the new schools.

Some students have offered up concern about the culture of DVC as we are merging with Science and Design; however, being in the same space as the others schools offer an opportunity to expand our general culture of love and unity, not only as a school but as a family.

Though it is going to be a new start, the Da Vinci Schools will always remember their roots. It is finally time for the community to come together as one. Da Vinci, welcome home.