You Got Spirit?!

Students participating in spirit week, advancing DVC culture

Students participating in spirit week, advancing DVC culture

Jazmyn Davis , DVC News Editor

The week where students are allowed and encouraged to dress up in outfits that correspond with different themes, popularly known as Spirit Week, is sadly over. Although short, the week of October 30th through November 1st was fun and full of the DVC culture that we have all grown to love and adapt to.

Bi-annually, during the weeks of Halloween and Valentine’s Day, Spirit Week is put into full effect. During Spirit Week, students of the Da Vinci Communications (DVC) community celebrate their school pride by participating in activities related to each day’s theme, whether that is wearing their best “get-up” and competing in special Spirit Week contests, or dressing up as their favorite Disney character.

Although Spirit is filled with fun, games, and wacky costume contests, that’s not all that it is about. Here at DVC, Spirit Week has become a part of the diverse culture, often used as a tool to bring students closer together, advancing school culture and unity.

Donald Puathasnanon, 10th grade Math and Computer Science teacher, has been DVC’s Leadership advisor for the past three years, bringing in new students to make the culture everlasting. Although the sense of community is something that is already strong around DVC’s campus, having spirit does nothing but add to it.

“Spirit Week helps us build community on our campus,” Puathasnanon explained. “This just gives us another opportunity to build it further.”

At non-Da Vinci schools it is rare that you will see teachers and faculty in dressed as a gypsy or as Luke Skywalker, but having that here at DVC is what makes us unique.

“I think we have a stronger foundation of family and community than most other non-Da Vinci schools and as a result, we have a higher percentage of participation, even though I’d still like to see even more,” Puathasnanon expressed.

Jane Earle, a senior at DVC, has been a part of Leadership, a group of students that represents Da Vinci’s culture who have come up with the set themes of each day, since her ninth grade year.

“Spirit Week gives people an opportunity to get out of their comfort zones, and relate to one another, based on their likes and dislikes,” Earle said. “It’s interesting to see the different Halloween costumes each year because I really enjoy seeing people express their creativity.”

Traditionally Spirit Week is the week leading up to a high school’s homecoming football game, but because Da Vinci does things differently, there has been a new twist added.

“For the past few years, Spirit Week has gotten more elaborate because of the new additions to the school, meaning we have begun including games and prizes to add an incentive for students to participate,” Earle remarked. “We try to make it as fun as possible so that students will develop a sense of school spirit.”

Earle believes that Spirit Week will get “cooler and cooler” each year and that students should express themselves freely even if it is considered “unorthodox.”

Just for a brief recap, Monday was Twin Day, which is where students paired up with one another and wore matching outfits. Tuesday was Halloween, where costumes around campus were everything from a Disney princess, to a sugar daddy. After a long night of trick-or-treating, students came to school relaxed on Wednesday for Pajama Day. Today is the last day of school and something that hasn’t been done before at DVC before, Scifi Day. Friday there’s no school, due to the introduction of the new building the following week.

If you were not able to participate in this week’s Spirit Week, don’t fret, it is something held twice a year, during the week of Halloween and Valentine’s Day, so get your spirit attire ready!