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The Vitruvian Post

Feel colorfully.

Tatiana Uribe, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

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oh! the human experience.
what a frightful joy.
how absolutely vivid are emotions when one permits oneself to indulge in them.
our barest vulnerabilities are what differentiate between the experience of life and pure existence.

i think of emotions like colors sometimes.
the emotions of the rainbow, if you will.
occasionally something touches you and it makes you feel all dirty-end-of-summer-pool-that-needs-to-be-put-away swamp green.

other times our days leave us feeling all rosy and warm inside.
most of the time i’ll feel ten different emotions in a day and have to think of ten different colors that suit them.

it’s a weird little trick, sure.
but it helps me to appreciate the fact that i’m alive even when i’m feeling blue.


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About the Writer
Tatiana Uribe, Assistant Editor-in-Chief

Tatiana Uribe is part of the senior class of 2018 at Da Vinci Communications. She is currently the assistant editor of The Vitruvian Post and became an editor because she felt a passion for helping others make their work the best it could possibly be while fostering growth and individuality. While she is not writing articles or helping in Journalism she also helps run La Fuerza, a Latino student organization here at Da Vinci.

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Feel colorfully.