Unidos Por Los Nuestros

Photo provided by Univision, donations supporting those in need.

Photo provided by Univision, donations supporting those in need.

Rocio Handal Rodriguez , Humans of DVC Editor

August 25th-September 3rd: Texas gets hit by Hurricane Harvey

September 8th: Southern Mexico gets hit by an earthquake with a magnitude of  8.1

September 9th: Hurricane Irma hits Florida

September 19th:  East-Northeast Mexico gets hit by an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.1.


Natural disasters have left all of these communities completely devastated, homes have been flooded, buildings have been dismantled, and most areas have been left without access to food and water.

What are people doing in order to help the communities?

On September 23rd, Univision, a Hispanic network, aired a seven-hour long broadcast to raise funds to aid the communities affected by the natural disaster. The event was “Unidos por Los Nuestros,” it consisted of  Hispanic celebrities answering phones, performing to inspire people to donate, or they could donate themselves.

Artist like Luis Fonsi donated to the cause and performed the song “No Me Doy por Vencido” in dedication to Mexico, Puerto Rico, United States, and the Caribbean.

The Colombian artist, Carlos Vives, expressed his gratitude after performing “Corazon Profundo” during the broadcast. While speaking to Alejandra Espinoza, the host of various reality tv shows broadcasted by Univision, Vives says that he wants to “tell the people that they aren’t alone, that we are thinking of the people in Puerto Rico.”

Similarly, Luis Alberto Aguilera, son of the famous singer Juan Gabriel said “I came to help a little bit, with what I can” while responding to the incoming calls from people who desired to donate.

Overall, “Unidos por los Nuestros” was able to collect over $3 million to donate to the Red Cross and aid the people who were affected.  

Univision was not the only event that occurred to fundraise money for the victims. Actor-comedian, Kevin Hart, began a challenge on Instagram on August 28, where he “called out” various artist to make a donation to the victims of hurricane Harvey.

The eBay community raised over $600,000 for the Texas and Louisiana regions that were affected by Harvey.

MLB players, like Yadier Molina, created a GoFundMe campaign to assist Puerto Rico after being hit by hurricane Maria. Likewise, Enrique Hernandez, player for the Dodgers, set up a YouCaring page to help “those directly affected by Hurricane Maria.”

Matthew Ujemov, Vice-president of the Key Club at Da Vinci Communications, mentioned how the club has a drive coming up “to give products to Puerto Rico and what happened in Mexico.” He also mentioned that they will be sending “utensils, sleeping bags, flashlights, and basic necessities that they need.”

Celebrities and regular people all around the world are trying to help those who have been affected by the natural disasters. We are coming together in order to aid those who are in need, but you don’t have to be rich or a celebrity in order to help.

There are many ways to help, you can either donate money, food, or clothes and it will definitely aid people in this time of need. Every effort counts toward the cause.