Fright Night


Photo Provided by Nightmare Universal Studios; Halloween Horror Nights

Lesley Rodriguez , Staff Writer

Enjoy a day of laughter and fun at family-friendly amusement parks when the sun is out, but at sunset have your shoes laced up and ready to run from living corpses. When amusement parks roll out their chainsaws and psycho clowns, that’s a sign that Halloween is upon us.

There are many amusement parks that join this wave of haunted theme parks, some going all out with the gore and others still keeping their family-friendly image even though the Halloween nights. There are options for everyone if you’re a wimp, an adrenaline junkie or someone that just wants to be scared. Once this season starts, regular park hours end early and then the scares begin from 7 pm to around 2 am.

There are many different attractions at each of the amusement parks and they all have different levels of horror. There is Universal Studios that uses special effects to make the night even scarier, Six Flags that turns off all the lights in the park so you ride the coasters in complete darkness, and Knott’s Scary Farm that has mazes that will leave you shivering.

However, at Disneyland’s Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party there are no scares at all. In this park, you don’t have to worry about what’s awaiting you behind the fog. They give guests the opportunity to trick or treat around the park and receive candy from their favorite Disney characters and villains.

The most popular of them all is Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights. This theme park’s company films the most top grossing horror movies, so it’s obvious their mazes would be based on them. This year you can experience American Horror Story in action, face The Three Titans of Horror (Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and Leatherface), or play a game with Jigsaw.

Knott’s Scary Farm coming in second also offers a variety of scary options. You can visit a deranged dentist, trick or treat inside a house with only one flashlight, and linger through an abandoned carnival ride with psycho clowns awaiting you.

Lastly, Six Flags Fright Fest has zombies at every corner waiting to eat your flesh, and ghouls waiting to frighten their guests. Fright Fest also lets you visit the Chupacabra legend, the wicked little red riding hood story you’ve never heard and seen the aftermath of a virus. Sadly, these mazes are not included with your park entry so you have to buy them separately.

Throughout this season many people get the courage to go to these theme parks and some don’t get so easily scared. Benny Illescas,  a sophomore from Da Vinci Communications High School (DVC) said, “good makeup and chainsaws right in front of your toes, that gets me. If I’m not expecting it I kinda just fly over.”  

These haunted events aren’t something new, they have been around for around 20-40 years. These events give people opportunities to face some of their nightmares in real life and to star in their own horror movie.  During the beginning years of amusement park horror nights the events only lasted a couple days, but now we have the honor of having them for a month.

Over the years many people entered this dimension of horror and enjoyed it, because of this the amusement parks have made it an annual event. These events have progressed through the generations with a better scaring crew, storylines and special effects.

If you go you can reflect on all the creepy houses you experienced. Angela Flores, a junior at DVC said, “My mom ditched me and she pushed me out of the way when we were in the corn maze, she ditched me and let the people come after me.”

This year, you can experience new mazes and terrifying characters all throughout the night. Bring a friend and make these horrifying memories last together!