The Kardashians’ Biggest Scandal Yet

Photos provided by Net Worth Kardashian riches and disasters that cost the economy millions timeline. 

Photos provided by Net Worth Kardashian riches and disasters that cost the economy millions timeline. 

Martina Flores , Opinion Editor

In today’s society, it’s unfortunate that it has become more common to be concerned about which Kardashian is pregnant rather than real tragedies happening around the world. The Kardashians have influenced people nationwide to fall to the knees of social media and unrealistic beauty standards to distract us from caring about what actually matters.

Venezuela is currently dealing with a crippling economic crisis in which scarcity has caused inflation rates throughout the country. These inflation rates have caused prices in food and essential needs to skyrocket where two pounds of apples can cost as much as $18. A single pair of Nike sports shoes is about $600 in Caracas, Venezuela.

This is happening because Venezuela has been in the midst of a massive political and economic collapse leaving more than 30 million people scraping their paychecks for dry milk and bread.

The economy’s collapse has led hundreds of Venezuelans to protest in the streets against the government leaving an open doorway for violent actions to take over. According to a CBS report, a 16-year old was killed at a protest and a 23-year old man was slain at Merida State as a demonstration for other protestors.

As a young person who is constantly bombarded by news every day, the crisis in Venezuela was hardly reported or discussed in my social media feed or News app. Instead, my feed consisted of The Kardashians’ 10-year anniversary for ‘KUWTK’ coming up.

Instead, I was worried about whether or not Kylie Jenner would make a great mother as opposed to worrying about the mothers in Venezuela not being able to feed their own children. It is deplorable that society has given the Kardashian family so much revenue for obtaining no talent whatsoever.  

“I can understand why some people might be intrigued,” said Merit Abshire, a senior at Da Vinci Communications, who has experienced being overwhelmed by the constant gossip of the Kardashians. “They’re pretty, even if their looks are more faux than real. It’s just their lifestyle, that I find unnecessary in contributing to society. They’re famous because other people feed off of their drama.”

Sophie Gilbert, a journalist for the Atlantic, writes in her article, The Sadness of the Kardashians, that the Kardashian empire was built upon family drama that transformed into family opportunity. Though what they do isn’t awful, it shouldn’t be celebrated either. In the last decade, society has seen an unprecedented rise of praising an empty celebrity cult; meaning, it has become a tendency for people to worship famous people for the sole purpose of being “famous”.

There are celebrities today who truly deserve to be commended such as Beyonce, Colin Kaepernick, or Jennifer Lawrence who continuously challenge society’s values as a progressive community. They are representatives who encourage thought, creativity, and authenticity in the face of adversity. They are celebrities who know how to exhibit talent in a way that can inspire others positively.

The Kardashians, however, have no significant talent. Their stardom launched after the notorious sex tape featuring Kim K. and Ray J was leaked for the public to see.

Though Kim Kardashian was embarrassed about it, Kris Jenner writes in her memoir, Kris Jenner and All Things Kardashian, that “there was so much media coverage swirling around Kim then, both positive and negative, that we knew we had to act fast and take advantage of the moment.”

This was the start of the Kardashians biggest scandal; seizing an opportunity that exploited their daughter in hopes of obtaining a fortune. This incident should not be rewarded with wealth. It normalizes the fact that young girls will make the same fortune as Kim by exploiting their bodies.

While Kim Kardashian is getting attention for her body, there are millions of people who are struggling to find water and food for their families.

In no way is it awful to give the Kardashians attention: however, when we remain unaware and neutral by death toll statistics but go ballistic over a Kardashians’ divorce is when we should draw the line. There are families in Puerto Rico, Venezuela, and all over the world who are struggling to pay for basic necessities. But we have become so desensitized towards the issue that they become just another statistic to us.

As young people of this generation, we need to recognize the values in our society. Value perseverance instead of heritage, value humility instead of vanity. From there will you understand what real fortune is. From there will you understand what is truly important.