Parenthood at DVC

Photo Provided by Wallpapers Craft baby and parent background.

Photo Provided by Wallpapers Craft baby and parent background.

Erica Bentley , News Editor

It was a beautiful day of sunshine and hiking when Adam Eynon, the assistant principal of Da Vinci Communications High School (DVC), made it known to an overnighter leader that he was expecting a mountain goat of his very own, a daughter.

As it turns out, there are many children of the staff that are either already or will soon be a part of the DVC family. Most of the students at DVC know that Regina is a mother of two: Ben and Eleanor, who enjoy coming to dances and exhibition whenever they can.

Flores remarked on bringing her angels to the school events. “I brought Ben to one when he was 3 years old,” Flores commented. “And Ellie has been to multiple Exhibitions. She also made some artwork for the parents at Back-to-School night last year.”

The roles of teachers and parents are very similar. Parents are their child’s first teacher, they teach the basics of a person’s manners and colors. Many people may remember their first teachers but not their parent’s role in developing the platform of their education.

It is intriguing to think that parents and teachers have similar jobs so it makes sense that being a teacher would help with parenting and vice versa.

Andrew Galbraith, a Math and Computer Science teacher at DVC, has twin girls of his own who seem to mean the world to him. It would only take one look at his collage of them in his classroom to know that Andy is a proud father.

“Prior to me becoming a parent, I remember talking to friends who were teachers who said that being a parent really helped them to be a better teacher and not necessarily as much the other way around,” Galbraith states. “But, I feel like it’s really been the other way around.”

While being a teacher helps in instances of patience, empathy, and organization, it can also be quite tiring. A common thread amongst parents is that they already have many things to do with their children, which range from getting them ready in the morning to dropping them off at school and activities.

Teachers would like to let the students know that there is a positive outlook on being a teacher and a parent. Students keep these teachers up to date on the new trends and stories in media since they don’t have the time to actively find out new things on their own all of the time.

Being a parent is time-consuming and hard work, but it is worth it to raise a “decent human being” according to Adam Eynon, the assistant principal of DVC and soon to be father.

The teachers who are parents or soon to be parents believe that having children makes one a lot more organized since they don’t want to stay up doing work because of wanting to spend time with their children.

“This semester has been one of the busiest points of my life but I’ve also been the most productive,” Eynon commented.

Students should try to be informative and understanding. Teachers would also like the students to be patient. “I also hope they keep in mind that we do have families outside of teaching, so when that paper doesn’t get graded by the next day, chances are we were at soccer games and Cub Scout meetings…in addition to cooking dinner,” Flores explained.

Teachers do a lot for the DVC community so it would be well to appreciate all that they do both as a teacher and as a parent. Next time someone is waiting on a grade the day after they turn something in, they should remember to take this into consideration.