Riley Arnold, Entertainment Editor

I walk down the hallway


Making it look like everything is okay


But really inside of me


Everything is wrong


I know that beauty is supposed to be skin deep


But my insecurities get the best of me


I don’t think my face is pretty


I don’t think my hair is soft


I don’t think my body is right


I don’t think I’m “hot”


Every time I walk around school


I think of what other people say about me


I know they think I’m immature


But really I have been through so much


I try to be the real me  


But clearly that’s not what they want


I constantly get picked on


I get pushed down


And reminded of my insecurities


I find myself at home crying


Because I hate myself


I hate the way I look


I hate the way I act


I feel like nobody likes me


But after I fall into the black hole of my feelings


The only way I can go is up


So I push myself every morning


To stop crying


To stop feeling hurt


And I make sure


That when I’m with others


I don’t let them control what I think


I make sure I’m with the ones I love


The ones who like me for who I am


The friends that are real


And the family that is always there for me


And I just let them take me away


Away from the bullies


Away from my insecurities


And onward to happiness