The Hidden Figures of an Overnight Journey

Students arrive to the camp to get ready for overnighter.

Students arrive to the camp to get ready for overnighter.

Kayla Mitchell, Staff Writer

Coming into any Da Vinci School, the overnighter is definitely one of the most exciting events to look forward to. Many freshmen go to overnighter without knowing the significance behind it. Overnighter leaders do their best to show the freshman what it means to be a student at Da Vinci Communications.

This year we have expanded tremendously by doubling our freshman class and adding five more teachers to our staff, this made the overnighter a completely unique experience.

During overnighter, many freshmen gain something sentimental, while some leave the way they arrived; however, as a united community, we strive to make the freshmen have a positive attitude towards our school values.

Leaders are the first to arrive at the campsite so they can focus on their missions and what they need to accomplish during this eventful week. Ethan Crusik, a junior at Da Vinci Communications and first-time overnighter leader, said, “I was really nervous to lead the new freshmen.”  

“I was asked last minute to go so I didn’t really know who was going or if I was going to have a good time, ” Crusik adds. 

Many overnighter leaders have said that overnighter is definitely a hard task because they are introducing the freshman class to DVC culture and what it means to be a student at DVC. Some people might think that being an overnighter leader means just talking to the freshmen, but there is much more to it. They are given responsibilities that you’ve probably never experienced before, they are ultimately learning how to become better leaders and role models.  

Leaders are not the only ones that contribute to running the overnighter. The teachers and counselors also play a huge role in this memorable experience. They take the time to get personal with students.

Jennifer Barba, one of Da Vinci Communications counselors and first-time overnighter counselor said, “I definitely do think there is a better relationship with the freshmen just because you were able to spend so much time with one another, you were able to meet them and know them individually opposed to just saying ‘hey, those are freshmen’.”

The overnighter is not only a time where students have the opportunity to get personal with their peers, but with their teachers as well. During the overnighter, teachers share personal experiences that they’ve gone through as a high school student. Students get to discover more about their teachers they wouldn’t normally find with a simple greeting around campus. This is a special time where various bonds begin to form.

The overnighter is a time where freshmen are the main focus, and there are various of enthusiastic figures who make the experience lively. Without the leaders, teachers, and counselors, the overnighter would not be as successful and impactful as it always been.