The Final Frontier

Future graduates of the class of 2018. Wendy Rodriguez, Isaiah Cornelius, Giovani Ruiz, and Rocio Handal

Future graduates of the class of 2018. Wendy Rodriguez, Isaiah Cornelius, Giovani Ruiz, and Rocio Handal

Alessandra Pacheco, Features Editor

New faces, new looks, and the new graduating class of 2018 has arrived on the Da Vinci Communications scene. It’s the final year, the year right before seniors take the plunge into adulthood and lead their own lives after their high school years are over.

Before they leave, there are still a few things that seniors get to experience- the Semi-Formal, Prom Night, Senior Beach Day,  Senior Projects, and the Grad Night Disneyland trip right before graduation.

After asking one senior what she was most excited for, Wendy Rodriguez said, “I’m really looking forward to Beach Day, it’s more of a bonding moment there, because you’re out with all your friends and you’re chilling at the beach not worrying about anything. You get to have fun with these people before you’re off.”

Another senior at DVC Giovanni Ruiz says, “I’m excited in general to be a senior, but I don’t feel any different. Senioritis hasn’t hit me yet.” Overall, he’s pretty calm about this year.

Isaiah Cornelius is especially hyped for senior year. “I’m moving on to finally start my life, I think life starts after high school. ” When keeping in mind a person’s job and responsibilities, Cornelius also said “I’m slightly different, more conscious about the future and wants to focus on going to college for a business degree.”

Rocio Handal Rodriguez also says, “I’m both excited and nervous at the same time” about her senior year, happy to be at the end of the finish line, but nervous about college applications and being “one step to adulthood in such a short amount of time.” Rodriguez added “I’m anticipating a great Disneyland trip and Senior Ditch Day if the last event is still available.”

Lionel Quintanilla, another senior, thinks “my final year is a wide open field about what I’m gonna do next in life” and realizes that so many seniors are turning eighteen this year, reaching that pinnacle point of adulthood. Quintanilla is a little more lax and calm about the senior year, saying, “I’m looking forward to moving on with the next step in life because I’ve been in high school for so long.” Quintanilla finally adds, “I’m ready to move on and see what life has to offer me.”

Senior Alex Silva is pleased that he’s almost done with his four years in high school and said, “It feels cool to be a senior and be at a higher level now than younger students.” Silva also says, “I’ve learned a lot and feel ready for college. I’m looking forward to senior night, prom, and graduation.”

It seems like the class of 2018 is full of diverse emotions and thoughts, but it’s clear that everyone is ready for their final year to begin.