Hispanic Heritage Month At DVC

Its important to celebrate and honor where Hispanic culture comes from.

It’s important to celebrate and honor where Hispanic culture comes from.

Christian Espinoza , Staff Writer

Hispanic Heritage Month is a time when we can celebrate Hispanic delicacies such as tacos, pupusas, enchiladas and tamales with family and friends. However, it is not always about the food, it is about celebrating Hispanic Heritage. There are many Hispanic countries that celebrate their independence days in the month of September such as Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, and Chile.

So what do Da Vinci Communications and the state of California do to acknowledge Hispanic Heritage?

Santa Ana will be hosting a museum gathering Latinos with music, art, and food to honor Hispanic culture. There will be two celebrations this month in Santa Ana at the Bowers Museum and Civic Center. There will be also be an art showcase to celebrate Hispanic culture with food from Latin restaurants such as Zaza New Cuban Diner at Orange County Government buildings between the September 15 and October 15.

At Da Vinci Communications, we have amazing clubs who are willing to participate. Leadership and Senior Committee are aware of this month’s celebration.  Have you ever thought about what they do for the month of celebrating Latinos?  

Isaiah Cornelius, a member of Senior Committee, discussed how he plays the music when they run kickbacks. Cornelius says the committee wants to create a themed kickback for Hispanic Heritage Month.

 “People have been asking to play Spanish music in our kickbacks and some of my fellow seniors asked as well,¨ he shares. He hopes to find a way to celebrate and include all people.

Senior Committee also decided that a kickback celebrating Hispanic culture is necessary because people want it. Cornelius notes, ¨we will still do it to celebrate them because it would be fair to celebrate everyone’s culture.¨

Jaden Gray, a leadership representative, mentions, ¨the theme for the kickback will be blacked out and glow and for a surprise, they will have churros and play music.”

“My favorite thing is that they will be having a photo booth,” Gray continues.

Referring back to the importance of cultural music, Gray says, “we want to celebrate everyone’s song because it is awesome to celebrate these types of events and celebrations.¨

Samin Champion, a junior at DVC said, “I think the biggest way to do things at the school is for students to speak up about it and to participate in everyone’s culture.”

¨As far as clubs go, the Black Student Union and the newly made Latin club are both supporters of the events happening at school and hope to help in any way possible with the Hispanic Heritage month events occurring.¨

Da Vinci Communications is having various celebrations this month and hopes it ends as a marvelous success. Remember, on September 28th Leadership and Senior Committee will be hosting our first kickback representing all genres of Spanish music.