Instagram’s Little Damage

Little Damage Ice Cream Shop.

Little Damage Ice Cream Shop.

Milan Washington, Staff Writer

Over the summer, an ice cream parlor on a corner in Downtown L.A. called Little Damage blew up on Instagram and many other social media platforms.

This parlor has taken over the web with their gimmick of having black cones and ice cream, on their website it’s advertised that they use activated charcoal to color both items.

A student at Da Vinci Communications High School (DVC) by the name of  Zoe Fontenot, visited the store herself and posted a photo of her ice cream on August 4th. During her trip she got the impression that the ice cream was going to be ¨delicious” as there was a ¨long line¨ and thought their ¨spot was [a] cute and trendy¨ place to experience.

Initially, Zoe ¨saw the parlor through Instagram and was aware that ¨instafamous people¨ were going as well, taking very cool photos and posting them proving the ice cream to be ¨super photogenic¨.

Widely known for the charcoal coloring used, Zoe believes this gimmick is what attracted the audience, labeling it as ¨the thing¨ to do during this summer.

Little Damage is also recognized for having interesting flavors, changing them for different seasons. Ranging from vanilla birthday cake named “Unicorn Tears” which has a light blue color to “Black Jack” in the taste of pumpkin pie which is the black ice cream.

On Sunday, September 17th, I visited the shop myself. While there, like Zoe, I noticed an extremely long line wrapped around the corner filled with people excited to get in the shop.

During my wait in line I watched many people wanting to take pictures after getting their ice cream along with posting about it with their friends using a variety of hashtags.

In the parlor there are three different places they have for you to have a potential photo opportunity. Each of these spots encourage posting them with #Little Damage, which helps provide advertising and PR for their business. Little Damage even provides a photobooth allowing people to take photos with the ice cream and post them to their online accounts directly.

The use of social media to popularize their parlor, shows how important different platforms are to the everyday lives of big celebrities, teens, and parents.

Speaking with Tatianna Concon, a customer from Little Damage, she said, “my aunt found it on Instagram.”

She stated that “I can’t have dairy so I didn’t get to try all the flavors but I definitely heard some feedback and I heard that it is very creamy it’s very rich and the the taro one I definitely love for non dairy option I definitely found it actually tasting like ice cream” after getting her ice cream.

Tatianna believes that the use of social media being tied into the parlor has allowed them to really get a jump on their success. She agrees that the attraction towards the store was highlighted well on the internet allowing the chance for many different individuals to take part in the experience as well.

Overall social media has proven to be a great source to provide help with promoting and advertising different products.

This sets the stone for a positive environment on the internet allowing people from all over to share their experiences with one another and bring communities together.