Basketball Is Back

Coach Kevin starts tryouts for the boys basketball team.

Coach Kevin starts tryouts for the boys basketball team.

James Skinner, Staff Writer

Basketball is back with a swish. Tryouts have begun at Dana Middle School and the season is well on its way. The coaches had a lot to say about their expectations for this season.

“This season I feel like if everyone listens and follows directions we should do pretty well,” Coach Ilya Reese said.

Basketball is one of the most appealing sports at Da Vinci-many kids try out every season. Coach Reese, Kevin Rudd, and Lindell Pippen are the coaches for our school. Pippen is the girl’s basketball coach, and Reese and Rudd are the boy’s coaches. Students at Da Vinci Communications High School, in particular, have had success on the team in past seasons.

Former seniors from Da Vinci Communications played on the team last year and left big shoes to fill because of their winning streaks last season. The team showed amazing athleticism last year, now that the seniors are gone a fresh group of people are going to have to step up.

Coach Reese gave his opinion on how the boys Junior Varsity team played last season. “They played pretty well, there were a lot of new faces, a lot of young guys, freshman. Our veterans and sophomores that played with me my previous season stepped up to the occasion,” Reese said. “They learned a lot of things from their first year going into their second year and they won a lot of games.”

Coach Rudd laid out  his expectations for the varsity team this season as well. “Out of this season I want the kids to compete, I want ‘em to play hard on the offensive end and defensive end, and if we can do it that could be the outcome of winning and losing, I just want them to compete on every play.”

Coach Rudd said that on the first day of tryouts they had a high turnout of about 60 – 70 kids.

Coach Pippen spoke about how the girls should do this year and how their tryouts went. “In my opinion right now they need a lot of fundamental work as in footwork, passing, and dribbling so that’s what workouts and practices are for so that they can get better,” Pippen said. “Hopefully we should expect a very hard defensive team and the offense we will work on.”

Basketball is in need of more support from students around campus. For the past few years there hasn’t been much spirit to help support the team and if Da Vinci can fill up their fan base the team may become more popular among students.

“The fanbase was up and down,” Coach Reese remarked. “There were mostly parents but there was also a lot of students who came to some of the games.”

“For our home games we had a nice crowd because Del Aire is right next to Communications and Design,” expressed Coach Rudd. Rudd continued by saying “This year I’m hoping that if we have pep rally announcements where they can announce home games then hopefully we can get more faculty and students out to the home games.”

Even though Da Vinci is a small school, it can grow its fan base and excitement for the games.

“Da Vinci boys basketball is on the rise, come out and support,” said Coach Rudd, giving some encouraging words for the community to come watch the games this season. “Just like how they say there’s a six-man and there’s a thirteen man in football, the fans really do somehow someway give the kids a boost to play harder.”

The first boy’s varsity game is Dec 2nd at 4:30 p.m. At Chadwick (Palos Verdes Peninsula,)


The first boy’s junior varsity is Dec 2nd at 3:00 p.m. At Chadwick (Palos Verdes Peninsula)


The first girls varsity game is vs St. Genevieve (Panorama City, CA) on Saturday, December 9th  4:30p.


Come watch some games and cheer on the basketball teams. Let’s go Wolves!


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