New Year, New Changes

Students traveling to get to their next class.

Students traveling to get to their next class.

Lesley Rodriguez , Staff Writer

A new school year means transitioning into new things. This upcoming year brings unfamiliar additions to the school including a new freshman class and teachers.

One transition Da Vinci Communications High School (DVC) didn’t make was moving into the new building. This move was delayed during summer break and Da Vinci students were brought back to reality when they greeted their old campus once again.

Many students had hopes for moving into the building. “The only thing that’s new that’s weird is that I think we’re not in the new building yet,” said Erica Bentley, a senior at DVC “I was planning a month in advance for the parking permit and student parking.”

Doubling the size of the freshman class this year has made everyone’s transition into DVC a bit more hectic. DVC used to be a small school and now people are crowding the hallways and struggling to find a seat for lunch.

Many students welcomed the new incoming freshmen and had no problem with the expansion.  “The new freshmen fit right in even if it took a while to get used to the new freshmen,” Amari Smith, a junior at DVC, said.

Another change made this year was gaining Dr. Scott Weatherford as the new principal. The students are excited to see what Dr. Weatherford will have in store for them.

Dr. Weatherford indicates that he can’t wait to be a part of the teachers’ and the classrooms’ lives. He mentions, “the year will be jammed packed full of fun and exciting student activities and student events.”

“There’s a lot of work, never a dull moment” he adds.

With Dr. Weatherford being the new principal, some shifts had to be made with the staff, allowing new teachers to join the DVC community.

Chris Jackson, the 9th grade English teacher at DVC states that he “feels great” about joining the wolf pack even if it’s “a new experience” for him.

Transitioning into a new school year can be overwhelming because there are new expectations for students when they enter a higher grade level. It can be difficult moving into a new school, trying to create a bond with new teachers, and meeting new people.

“Going into tenth grade feels pretty easy, because it’s like in ninth grade I called it putting your foot into the water to test the temperature,” said Amber Keyes, a sophomore at DVC. “Now I feel like I got my feet in the pool and then next year I’ll be in the deep side. Then senior year I’ll be all swimming or drowning, one of those.”

This school year is looking good for students at DVC, many have high hopes for this year to be their best. Rita Villasenor, a freshman hopes for DVC to be a school where she can “succeed and get good grades.”

With these changes, the school year can start off a bit rocky, but the years ahead will be great and by the time the students realize it, it will be time to do their last Presentation of Learning before summer.

There are always changes when transitioning into a new school year and it can be hard at first, but students will soon find themselves adjusting to those changes.