Waiting For Wiseburn High


The DVC building is due to be finished sometime during the 2017-2018 school year.

Casey Henderson , Staff Writer

Da Vinci Charter students were looking forward to starting their new school year at Wiseburn High School, the $140 million project that hopes to redefine 21st-Century Learning with the first state-of-the-art high school in the South Bay. Unfortunately, this was not the case.

The construction, which was supposed to have been completed by August 22nd, has had multiple causes for delay. The project’s electric contractor, Gould Electric, recently filed for bankruptcy and was having trouble maintaining work staff. Additionally, soil issues in the parking lot caused by the rainy winter season have set the use of the building back to October.

“The delays did not surprise me,”  Robert Allen, the Government and Economics teacher at Da Vinci Communications, said. “I’m familiar with large projects and I understand that they don’t always come up as delivered.”

Da Vinci Communications will be residing on the third level of the building, with Design on the fourth floor and Science on the second, combined the school will hold roughly 1,200 students. The school office, which is still under construction, will be on the first floor of the building.

Phase 2 of the construction process, which will focus on the 400-seat auditorium and aquatics center, is still scheduled to finish sometime in 2018. The aquatics center will be shared with the city of El Segundo, which payed for half of the facility.

While initially worried about the maintenance issues regarding the sharing of facilities with El Segundo, Donald Puathasnanon, the Algebra 2 and Computer Science teacher, believes that having shared facilities that most schools lack are “good problems to have.”

As the new building is not yet finished, students have returned to their original buildings to resume their education. Packed boxes still line the walls of most classrooms and staff is making due with the temporary facility.

Excitement has been steadily rising as the date to make the move to the new building has drawn nearer. Brendan Laufer, a senior at Da Vinci Communications, expresses his excitement on spending his last year at the new building, noting, “this time it actually might happen… I’m really wanting to get into that building before the last year ends.”

October is almost upon us, and the construction has stayed on schedule ever since the delays occurred. Soon, the boxes lining the walls at 12501 Isis Avenue will be brought over to 201 N. Douglas Street where they will reside indefinitely.