Have You Seen “It”

IT movie poster.

IT movie poster.

Riley Arnold, Entertainment Editor



“You’ll float too.”


Clowns are creepy, right?


But Pennywise the dancing clown, who tortures children in Derry, Maine has brought a whole new level of terror to the big screen.

On Friday September 8th, 2017 a remake of Stephen King’s “It” was released to theaters worldwide.  In the film there is a horrific event that happens every 27 years, and now it’s been exactly 27 years since the original 1990 miniseries first aired.

The film starts out with two young boys, Billy and Georgie, in a bedroom. The older boy is making his younger brother a paper sailboat to play with outside. When Georgie goes outside to play, the boat goes so fast that it goes down the sewer drain before he can catch it. When he goes to look in the sewer drain for his boat a clown appears. This clown has a horrific persona and just the way he talks is terrifying. Then out of nowhere the clown pulls Georgie in the sewer never to be seen again.

The rest of the movie then takes place 9 months later after Georgie “disappeared” and Billy is still devastated. With the help of his group of picked-on friends who call themselves the Losers’ Club, they all travel to the sewers to look where Georgie may be.

Later in the film, Pennywise started to seem familiar and I couldn’t wrap my head around it. Then all of a sudden the actors ride past a movie theater showing  A Nightmare on Elm Street 5.  That’s when it clicked, Pennywise is just like Freddy Krueger,  a small-town stalker messing with children’s minds!

Like the Nightmare on Elm Street films, It doesn’t shy away from horror and gore and definitely earns its R rating. From what I saw in the film there were plenty of things that a younger audience shouldn’t watch. There was implied incest, extreme bullying, a lot of cursing, and children being violently attacked.

Tekeste Tekeste a junior here at Da Vinci Communications High School (DVC), said “I feel like in this one was more on the horror side, because the first one wasn’t really scary and the clown and jumps scares were too played out.”

Now we all know that compared to the 1990 miniseries, 2017’s It was going to have better graphics, scarier jump scares, and top notch movie makeup. The CGI graphics were amazing. In one part Pennywise opened his mouth to reveal row after row after row of teeth and it almost looks real.

Andre Alexander, an 11th grader at DVC, explained  “In the new It I could tell that they really focused on what Pennywise looked like, because in the original he looked like a normal clown, and in this one he was really intense.”

Compared to the original the 2017 It clown was way creepier and could give the audience nightmares whereas I didn’t get that feeling from the original It miniseries clown.

Overall the movie was filled with jump scares that had the entire audience jumping, but also hilarious scenes where the audience could be caught laughing for a few minutes. The audience´s hope for a sequel clearly came true when at the end of the film it stated “Chapter One” at the end of the credits.

However the film also closes with the iconic pledge that Bill states to his fellow losers. “Swear, if it isn’t dead, if it ever comes back, we’ll come back too.” I can’t wait for Chapter Two to come to the big screen and I’ll for sure be coming back, just like the characters.