Letter From the Editor

Sarah Ceja, Editor-in-Chief

As we began this first year in journalism, I don’t think anyone knew just quite what we were in for.

Da Vinci’s first journalism class got to test drive a system that will continue to change and improve as the years go by. 
I’ve seen articles written about racism and heavily debated issues in the media and politics, even ones extending on the lesser acknowledged issue of young black women with no fathers. Not only did I watch every single spitball idea expand into a fully developed and beautifully written article, I was there to watch every journalist’s growth throughout the course of the year and grow with them.

I have seen The Vitruvian Post used in settings other than the typical classroom, whether it was to recruit and educate potential Da Vinci students, showcase some of our best work to various representatives from our partner companies, or informing students at Harvard about what high school journalism classes do.

That being said, this newspaper has become more than just a DVC journalism class; it has become a defining staple of Da Vinci culture and the unapologetic voices of our amazing students.

In all honesty, I think editors get too much credit sometimes.

Anyone can look at a paper and say what needs to be fixed, but it is the journalists who constantly take in that feedback and come back to  amaze me every single time; Their endless questions and requests for feedback are a reflection of their dedication and the pride they take in their work.

Every single student has taken on an additional, more demanding job of becoming a journalist and adapting to an altered classroom setting. They have excelled in more ways than I can think of.

I hope that The Vitruvian Post has granted journalists with a new sense of what they are passionate about, and outsiders just a glimpse of all that our school has to offer. Our collective appreciation cannot be expressed enough for the ongoing support and upbuilding commentary that we have received thus far.

I knew I wanted to be a part of our first journalism class, but I had no idea that taking on the role of Editor-and-Chief of the Vitruvian Post would earn me the experience that it did.

I would like to thank Eynon especially for giving me the opportunity to prove to everyone and myself that I was capable of being the face of something so exceptional.

And while I am sad to no longer be able to take on this role next year, I must extend a true welcome to the next editor to take my place. I hope that you gain as much from the experience that I did, and that the great  ideas you have for the future of The Vitruvian Post may flourish on the new campus.

The Vitruvian Post would like to thank you, the readers, once more for being a steady source of encouragement and positivity as we navigated our way through the first year of journalism.

And one last time, I would like to thank everyone on The Vitruvian Post staff for all of their hard work, and for making this year truly unforgettable for me.

Thank you,

Sarah Ceja


The Vitruvian Post