Might Forgive, Never Forget

Riley Arnold, Staff Writer

You have hurt me in so many ways

So many that I can’t even explain

Can’t even think of your name

Without the pain resurfacing


But I learned you have cancer

Now I don’t know what to do


Should I forgive you

For all the pain you have caused me

Should I call you on the phone

and tell you I love you


I just don’t know if I can

The pain is too much

But cancer is even bigger


What if you die

What if I never get to say goodbye


But the pain has taken control

It affects me every day

It’s like you’re always there haunting me

Waiting for me


But what if I come back to you

And nothing has changed

What if you bring me more pain

More than I can live for


I know my friends are there for me

But they would never understand


If I let you back in

I would just collapse

I wouldn’t be myself

I would change

I would be Depressed


I don’t want that for me

And nobody wants cancer for you

But the pain is too strong

I’m sorry but I can’t forgive you