The Miseducation

Janae Polk, Staff Writer

I can tell you my inspiration was Poe, Walker, Lourde

But that would be a lie

I can tell you that I was advanced when I was younger

But that would be a lie

What I can tell you, that is true, is that my ‘teachers’, my ‘mentors’, my forms of ‘guidance’ didn’t help me

Struggling to read a book, embarrassed as to why I couldn’t get the themes, the conflicts, and the motivations

Thinking it was a defect in my brain, and I was just too slow to catch up with everybody, it was a constant migraine

Being scolded for my terrible grades, I didn’t know what to say but

I don’t know

It took me and several books beyond my syllabus to expand my knowledge

I learned it on my own, no help, no one to hold my hand

And suddenly the shit clicked in junior high

My mind just found the socket and in a second the light just flashed before my eyes

Things were easier

I thought I knew something, I understood the text, the themes, the conflicts, and the motivations

I knew how to calculate with pi, I didn’t even have to try

But what I noticed around me was that I was just absorbing, I wasn’t learning

I walked around the school and spotted the remedial classes, I thought to myself

This is a class for the dumb asses

I said that not out of cruelty, not out of comedy, but out of ignorance

Simply, because I didn’t know any better

I guess I was the dumb one

It took me a while to figure out that while I was sitting in all the honors classes, being showered with praise for my aptitude

The kids in the remedial classes were getting shut down because they didn’t know what to do

It made me see things in a different light

The teachers didn’t give a damn about the ‘regular class, the remedial class’, it was too much of a ‘hassle’

How dare you, when you had the nerve to turn over that tassel, hold that degree and call yourself a teacher, but won’t help the kid that’s in need of your help

You turn them down once you’re done with them, like used tissue, what the fuck is your issue?

And you expect them to ‘open up’, I’m sorry, but I can’t get comfortable with a teacher who treats certain kids better than everyone else

I’ve had enough of that shit

Talk about inequality

Straight A, perfect student

I used to be that , but I don’t live for the hype, I do it for myself, I don’t do it to impress or make people proud, I do it because I love, live, eat, sleep, and breathe it

I shouldn’t have to be something I’m not to please you, I don’t switch up the roles, I keep it consistent

I just don’t understand why people are so insistent on being a mirage

I spit these bars because I believe it, I sit and write about shit I believe in

Favoritism, kids kissing ass just to pass the damn class, what the hell is the point?

At this point, I don’t care if I’m throwing shade, what’s there to be scared of anyway

I stick to what I say, my word is my bond, and if I’m wrong I’ll admit that

And don’t you dare look down on me because I’m bold enough to say what others are afraid of

I like to reach beyond the normalities, following the rules is boring

Why won’t you expand the minds

You claim you’re so different but you fall in the same damn line

I thought I could have faith, but I can’t take this fake shit anymore

Stop acting like you care about these kids

It’s truthfully sad, the fact that they put so much trust in you and you beat around the bush like a snake in the grass

I cannot look up to one who constantly looks down on me or others

One who tries to pacify me or patronize me

Nor can I look up to one who constantly disrespects me

I’m more than a second block, a regular, an assistant, an alternative

That doesn’t settle right with me and it shouldn’t with you

Aim higher, don’t be anyone’s lap dog

Don’t work to make anyone else successful, while you hide your light in the shadows

Shine in your prime, be a boss, make the moves because nobody else is going to do it for you

Don’t settle for second, always settle for the top, don’t be pompous, stay humble

Grind all the way to the top, stack the chips then dip because it’s your life and you need to live it

This is for the ones who were told that they don’t have it

Because that’s the same thing they told billionaires today

This is for the non-kiss asses

The social outcasts, I know what it’s like

It the same teachers who preach, “ We’re all the same”

But covertly give opportunities to kids who are ‘slightly’ better

The irony is quite lovely

And the thing is we’re not all the same

We are different people with different qualities

So don’t you ever compare me to these regular ass people

I don’t want to fall in line with these basic ass punchlines

It’s honestly a joke, because there are people with stories and bloody backgrounds

You don’t know where the fuck people come from, so don’t act like it’s just a typical student

Stop categorizing kids who don’t float in the same boat as you with ‘trouble’

This is for all the kids who are being discarded and neglected

For all the kids misunderstood

The burn outs

The hood

It’s okay you’ll end up getting it

Keep doing your due diligence

Stunt on the ones who didn’t believe in you

Who didn’t even take the time to know you

Who judged your character from one glance

Work hard, the end results will be forever in your favor

Because like Queen Bey said, the best revenge is your paper