I Can’t Forget

Jaden Gray, Student Contributor


I Can’t Forget

The days when

Your smile made me smile,

Your hugs made me go weak,

Your kisses made me skip a heartbeat,

When I looked into your eyes,

And I fell in love.


But wait

Was that love?

Because I mean I fell in love with you

Not once

Not twice

But three times


And I thought I was supposed to be bringing

Something greater to the table

Then just Wishy Washy love


But as I said

Not for the first time

Not for the second time

But for the third time

We’ve tried this “couple” thing

Two times you denied me

One time you wanted me

And When I came you played

Then you said Nahhh


# 1 its time out for these slang words

Especially for a situation like this

Let’s cut that out

Let’s get it together

And handle this like

Mature People

Since this is something serious

I mean at least to me


Then I thought it was me messing up

But now that my eyes have opened up

I see the real you

The real you that my eyes

Didn’t want to let go through


The thing is all that still happens,

But secretly.

Now, I keep it to myself,

Because one day you ended you + me.

My heart was broken,

I cried for days…

Sometimes still feel like crying

Because of what you did to me

And the position you put me in


But still every time I see you,

I forget about when you broke my heart,

About when you tore me into pieces,

About when you let go,

Only because

I just can’t stop thinking how much

I love you,

And ALWAYS will.