Was KeKe Palmer’s Response the next Movement for Equality ?

Keke Palmer, a 24-year-old actress and singer, has taken legal action against the well known singer and actor, Treys Songz.

Keke Palmer, a 24-year-old actress and singer, has taken legal action against the well known singer and actor, Trey’s Songz.

Donyaih Thomas, Staff Writer

“America did not invent human rights. In a very real sense, it is the other way round. Human rights invented America.” – Jimmy Carter

Each individual is entitled to human rights, which generally consist of respecting one another. These rights are designed to help people know their individual values. Without these values, our society would encounter more problems than we already face on a day-to-day basis.

These rights are known as Constitutional Rights, which every citizen that lives in the United States is authorized to. However, these rights can be “exercised” to defend victims or criminals of any case.

Keke Palmer, a 24-year-old actress and singer, has taken legal action against the well known singer and actor, Trey Songz. According to Karen Brill, a journalist for the Vulture Post, Songz allegedly filmed Palmer without her consent.

Palmer believes that her rights were violated when Songz published a music video that she did not want to take part in. She feels that “as a female, [she] is often put in situations where sometimes males will use their masculinity” to get what they desire.

The ideology of men believing they are superior to women is more of a cultural belief; even male celebrities believe that they can exercise their rights to suit their desires, rather than believing they are equal to other individuals.

As a celebrity, it is reasonable to have more security and protection procedures that take place all around, but it is not right to abuse those powers. Abusing power is just proving to society that it is possible to be in a high power while abusing rights without any repercussions.

This is one problem that society revolves around, especially when connecting this event to many more that take place involving abuse of power. We live in a society where many people of high power could get away with certain things, but it is time for people to step up and not let these things continue to strengthen the negatives.

In reference to human rights, Deepti Immaraju, 12th grade English Teacher at Da Vinci Communications, believes that in order “for people to treat one another with respect, they need to first recognize the inherent dignity of the other person, and then will treat them accordingly.”

Just because a celebrity or one at high power can bypass a lot of inadequate drama, this does not give them the justification to do whatever they please, that may be viewed as wrong.

“Therefore, people have equal rights to exercise their rights and enjoy the freedoms associated with their rights, regardless of financial or social status,” continued Immaraju, “This also means that all people have equal responsibility to protect the rights of others”

The lawsuit proposed against Songz is a great example of celebrities trying to bypass regulations, and others proving to them that life is not to be taken advantage of. This is just another step to an improved lifestyle that people live everyday, attempting to leave people’s minds at rest by letting them know that there are people who make a statement of equality after many years of oppression.

The next step is to encourage others around us to strive for equality in all sectors. This movement will most definitely improve many other imperfect situations that occur within our modern day society.