Janae Polk , Staff Writer

We women carry the weight of the world on our backs

Water Jugs

Baskets of Food



The burden of men


Our baskets may be filthy, but we are not

Our backpacks may be a mess, but we are not

Our pasts may not be pretty, but we are


Our worth is far more than what is said by mediocre men who like to grab pussies

We protect ourselves as one when we unify

Black, Latina, Filipina, White, Cambodian, Arabic, and all women across the world

It is time to realize that negotiation is over and we must fight for our own justice

Whether it’s like a boy or a girl

Because one thing I do know, Harriet Tubman did not risk her life in the Underground Railroad for no reason, Frida Kahlo had a meaning behind every painting, Angela Davis didn’t march just for blacks, but for women

We are the antidote


Maya Angelou sure as hell didn’t write her poems just for ‘fun’

I believed her when she said, “ It’s in the arch of my back,  The sun of my smile, The ride of my breasts, The grace of my style. I’m a woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That’s me.”


We must carry the weight of previous women’s legacy

We women are not submissive nor dominant, but powerful

We are the creators of this land, this soil

Babies lay their heads on our breast, we give them our compassion and our warmth

We women are soft, but never weak


They say that this is a man’s world, but all the men’s work we do

I thank God for that Rosie Riveter poster, she’s right I can do it and so can you

I did not write this to cause an uproar or to undermine men

I wrote this as a reminder that us women are prime

We are magical, mysterious, and formidable

We women intimidate boys and excite men


We surpass all the expectations from firms, hospitals, and schools

Women are independence, we are free, in this world we must not cower away from social and racial stigmas

However we make our money, it doesn’t matter, because we all grind the same way

Whether it’s eight hours behind a desk or early in the morning at 2am on a dance floor with dollar bills being thrown right to left

We must unite


Our regions and stereotypes don’t define us

Race nor sexual orientation depict our value, we are all the same

Because when God made us , he looked down on our figures and threw in a little color, a little language, a little sugar, a little spice, a little bit of everything nice and what is now known as a woman


It’s time for us to stop debating whether light skin or dark skin is beautiful or whose hair is the longest

Because last time I checked we’re all sexy

Our bonafide curves and dashing smiles can make anybody go wild

We need to teach younger girls how to use their fists and not silly comebacks to guys who don’t know when to take a hint

Ladies, there’s no more sitting pretty, it’s time to get down to business

Raise those fists and puff out those chests

Because we are the real bosses and HBICs (head bitches in charge), we take nothing from anyone, we give


We give our love and that makes us the cream of the crop

Because we women are effervescent, amazing, and spontaneous

I’m glad to be a woman, I have no shame in it, and neither should you