Erica Bentley, Staff Writer


Yo the name’s Phyto…

Plankton that is

UV Rays keep me from getting Baes

Warm water is my enemy

‘Cause they cause a friend to be away from me

Minerals: my best buddy

They bring me up when the weather’s funny

The temperature went up

Early 2000s got pretty rough

Lower productivity brought back a hazy memory

Went through a tough time

Couldn’t find a rhythm or rhyme

Plankton population took a turn for the worst

Took 3 million years to reverse

Our levels have reduced 40% since 1950

Transfer 1 billion tons of carbon to the ocean from the ocean every year

But if we go extinct that is something to fear

We might be gone soon

We need nutrients not the heat of high noon

Actual reality

Stand up

Fight UV Rays!