Erica Bentley, Staff Writer

I matter

Don’t I


You matter

Even if I don’t agree with you

If we have the courage to think we matter


If I took the time to think about how we matter

Would things change?


If people took the time to see me as human

If I took the time to see our earth is dying


If I saw you as you

If you saw me as me


If everyone acknowledges that we are human

If I realize you are unique


If I realized you were smart

If you took me seriously


If we really LISTENED

If we recognized and really took a look


Would I be here

Biting my tongue

Swallowing my pride

Waiting for a time when I finally have a voice


I’m shouting at you



Open your eyes

See that I may be just as gifted as you

Just as smart





If you took the time to really look at me

Would you treat me differently?


If I took the time to recognize you for all you are

Would I treat you differently?


I matter

You matter

The earth matters

You are human

So am I

The earth is our home

Let’s treat it like we should treat each other


With respect

Because everything matters

Doesn’t it?