I love spicy foods

Giovanni Ruiz, Student Contributor

I love spicy foods

I’m not talking about Tabasco and hot Cheetos  

I’m talking about my mom’s habanero and chile de arbol salsa

See in my household we put salsa on everything

We’re used to the burning sensation in our tongues,

the swelling of our lips,

the water from our eyes,

the ringing in our ears,

The burning in our throat

So when you say a “not so racist joke” that was most definitely racist and

I bite my tongue to keep myself from disrespecting you,

Thank my mom

For getting me used to the pain in my tongue

Every time my ears bleed due to the sound of your voice,

Thank my mom

For getting me used to the ringing in my ears  

Every time you say something that’s slowly killing me from the inside

Thank my mom i’m holding the tears in,

Because in my house when the salsa is too spicey you don’t cry,

because momma aint raise no bitch

Every time I swallow my pride

In order not to punch you in the mouth

Thank my mom

for getting me used to the burning in my throat

Thank my mom

Because without spicy foods,

I wouldn’t be putting up with your shit