Hate is for the Weak and Love is for the Strong

Nile Barnes, Staff Writer


Hating the people that broke you is easy, and loving them is hard. Hating the the ones that robbed you of joy, and made you pull the last card. Hating the ones who hated you when you were trying to change, and hating the ones who hated you for not taking blame.


Hating the ones who walked out on you and left you behind, and hating the the ones that tried to come back when you were on your grind.  Hating is for the weak and loving is hard, especially when the ones you hate left a big scar.


Never let the ones who hate have a place, because that place can put joy on the next person’s face. Never show those who hate how much you were hurt, because that gives them satisfaction of putting you in the dirt. Never ever show them that you still care, because you both will end up feeling the raw tension in the air.


Don’t show them the emotion that has been built, because you giving them hate leaves them no room for guilt.  Don’t bother showing what you were going through in your time of need, since you would be giving unnecessary attention that lets them feed.  


The relationship of love and hate go hand and hand, like a negative attraction being held by a band. Without love in one’s life there is no hate, without hate in one’s life love’s a blank state. Without the feeling of hate love will stand alone, and without the feeling of love hate is unknown.


Both of these feelings are common for one to feel, but one of these feelings requires one time to heal. Both feelings are permanently engraved till death apart, but many adapt the other feeling that causes a break in one’s heart. Both of these feelings play apart in one’s life, but one of these feelings kills the other with a knife. The knives that consist of envy, rage, and spite, and lacks the compassion for a positive light.


The always victorious feeling I speak of is hate, the one that others always gravitate too like bait. The feeling that everyone feels the most is hate, which often has keys to one’s emotion-filled gate. That hate-to-love feeling that causes scares, anger, and emotional distress, is the same feeling that plays its victims like a game of chess.


Even so we are quick to hate, nobody is quick to love. Since the society we live in teaches us to cover the feeling from above. Love alone is a given gift that only the special desire, but the hateful always strive to come and put out love’s fire.


The message is not to love everyone as you love your own partner, but to love the ones put in your life because for them life wouldn’t be harder. Harder because you didn’t learn a lesson you needed the most, a lesson that could save you money or save you from overdose.


The ones that have been put in your life are put there for a reason; these people could be good or bad and disrupt your mental treason. These people could rob you of your money or take away your joy, but how else would you learn to keep a sharp eye or not be played like a toy. These people could have called you names and disrespect your race, but how else would you learn to love who you are and adapt racial embrace.


No matter what a person does to you, you will remain strong. No matter what kind of pain you feel, we know it won’t be long. To hate your yin or yang in life will grant your battle no victory, because your negative outlook on your future won’t rewrite your history.  


Hating the good and bad in life can seem completely wrong, but one thing about hate is that it’s weak, and love is strong.