To the American People,

To the American People,

Sarah Ceja , Editor-in-Chief

I have never been more disgusted or disappointed in my entire life as I was on the night of November 8, 2016. That night, you proved to me that history means nothing, that hate and selfishness continue to rule our lives and the world we create for ourselves.

For how much longer you will choose to ignore the state of our world, I do not know.

All I know is that centuries later, when we are looking for someone to blame for all that is to come, we should not point fingers at anyone but ourselves. Each and every single one of us, including myself, had a responsibility to create change however possible, something that surpasses simply submitting a ballot.  

We take this loss, this embarrassment, together as one nation.

In 2008, when Obama won the presidency, I remember driving down the street and seeing people waving signs, dancing, singing, honking, and crying in the middle of it; they were so overwhelmed with joy.

The night of November 8, 2016, I drove once more, wanting to see my community’s collective reaction to the news.

I was expecting a riot. There was not a single car on the road. Not one sound, not one sign or person.

Not even a single protest.

Everyone must have been in their homes, praying that no matter what the future holds, that they could stay close to their families and loved ones.

I felt the collective cries of my people rise up within me, and I could not stop myself from feeling utterly hopeless for my own future that was decided by people who did not consider me in their choice.

That collective cry I heard was the same one that resonated in the hearts of millions of Americans that night. Thousands of people were underrepresented in our country in this election. Everyone who had a voice did not speak, but those who did demanded change.

I will not bore you further with my political opinion, my anger, or what I think of this election; I’m sure you can assume most of it correctly.

The fact of the matter is that Election Night of 2016 marked history in America, and it is up to us to make the most of it. Yes, you can revel in anger and sadness and sorrow and remorse for as long as you wish, but that will not change anything.

We must, for once, learn how to channel these emotions into something greater. A movement. I do not mean that we need to further divide ourselves from those who hold differing viewpoints than we have; in fact, I mean the complete opposite.

We need to stop seeing blue and red and everything that divides us so harshly within our country, and start to see that we are not only Americans; we are human beings first.

The future of our nation lies in our own hands. It is only in a spirit of synergy and trust that we will be able to truly make our nation great again. In spite of the clear disconnect between the people of our country, I am willing to offer my cooperation in order to give the president-elect a fair chance at leading our nation with excellency.

I offer my cooperation and understanding in exchange for his, as I hope you will too.