Janae Polk , Staff Writer

Growing up misunderstood is a beautiful thing

The time I spent alone, or rather the time I was left alone

I thought, my mind opened like the doors of heaven

I saw the light


The fright in my eyes disappeared because I finally read between the lines

I pulled on my big girl pants, my subconscious slapped me and said, “ Baby girl, it’s time to wake up.”

All the fairy tales, bedtime stories, and small tubes of lipgloss fell into my tattered shoes


My smile disappeared, from left to right all I heard was

“You need to smile more.”

I slipped into a state simplicity, appreciating the smaller things all I heard was

“You need to be more fun.”

I looked from the bottom of the glass and saw my future, I was focused all I heard was

“You need to stop being so serious. Loosen Up.”


I expect the unexpected, I’ve seen the disaster, I saw the pit of fire and I walked through it

I felt the empty belly, I heard the roars from the monster

But I stayed on my feet

As young as I was, well beyond my age, I spoke a soft word and everyone was silent


My eyes held tears that could make rivers, and those rivers are now gone

Replaced with what is now acceptance

My tears had to be wiped, my knees were scraped they needed to be cleaned a long time ago

I sat and waited for a savior that never came


I found my strength, wiped my eyes away with it and cleaned my knees

I still live with invisible wounds, but when I find my head drooping down I pick it right back up

Because my bones are made out of steel, and my heart will beat relentlessly