A Letter from the Editor

Sarah Ceja , Editor-In-Chief


“I became a journalist because I did not want to rely on newspapers for information.”

 – Christopher Hitchens

Few things are more empowering than knowing that we possess the ability to carve a tomorrow for those who have yet to understand today.

It was in that simple realization that Da Vinci’s first journalism class found the courage to finally explore and share what we could accomplish through writing, and consider the infinite amount of opportunities there were for us to make our voices heard.

As enthusiastic audience members of the Vitruvian Post, you are being that person for someone else who has the potential to become the next Anderson Cooper or Diane Sawyer.

The Vitruvian Post has already seen tremendous levels of growth within the span of just the first four publications, and we cannot wait to share with you our progression towards becoming a beacon of light  for students considering Da Vinci Schools.

None of this would be possible without our zealous staff, who work tirelessly in order to schedule and conduct interviews, ask for feedback, and produce several drafts of an article before it is published.

This journalism class is not only filled with staff writers, it is filled with pioneers for the future, ones who will single handedly shape the way our world develops as a result of their words and actions.

From articles about the importance of teacher diversity, to the dehumanization of underprivileged individuals, and others regarding the glamorization of a traditional Latin American holiday, every student is able to call attention to something that matters to them and share it with the world.

It is encouraging to see the shifting culture of the campus as more and more students and staff participate in the cultivation of news stories. When walking outside during class, you can see interviews being conducted and newspaper cover photos being taken all throughout the school. Our deep appreciation for such active participation shows in the quality of the articles we produce.

With the new creation of both the Entertainment section and the Creative Expressions archive, we hope to be able to have more input from you, the readers, on things that interest you and were created by other students of the Da Vinci Community.

Your commentary and encouraging remarks have continued to help us as we seek new innovative ways to revolutionize the way our audience defines news while providing students with skill sets they will need no matter where they go.

The Vitruvian Post would like to thank you immensely for entertaining our efforts to further cultivate our own brand while reporting on things that give us a voice; our endeavors and creations would prove futile without an audience as involved and encouraging as you.

Thank you again for your ongoing support,

Sarah Ceja


The Vitruvian Post