The Life of a Counselor

Sophia Solorzano, Staff Writer

The duties of counselors differ based on the grade level their students are in. Counselors tend to focus on student violence, inclusion, anti-bullying and helping children manage their emotions in and outside of the classroom.

Here at Da Vinci Communications High School, the counselors Brittany Goodacre and Ariana Ordonez welcome any student who comes to talk to them. These counselors dedicate their time to focusing on the needs of each student by helping them focus on career goals and pursuing higher education.

In a traditional high school, most counselors don’t dedicate their time to focus on each and every individual student. “I think the biggest thing about being a counselor is being culturally aware, since there are a lot of counselors who are not. Wherever you go, you have to understand the population you serve,” says Goodacre.

In high school, Goodacre felt like she didn’t have the best support; this means she was socially unaware of life in a professional atmosphere because her counselor did not help her. In traditional high schools with a big population of students, most counselors don’t have time for every student.

These amazing counselors, who are part of the DVC family, want to help everyone succeed not only at school, but also at home. Originally, Goodacre did not want to become a counselor; it wasn’t until she was getting experience in college with teens, that she realized counseling was the path for her.

“I didn’t realize that I wanted to be a counselor while I was in college, as I worked at a teen center where I helped students apply to college and everything they needed to do and know about the college application process. Then I thought: ‘this is really cool.’ Once I was close to graduating college, I decided to pursue my masters in counseling,” said Goodacre.

This year, a new counselor has joined the DVC family; Ariana Ordonez has taken over working with the freshman and the sophomores. Ariana looks to capitalize on student’s first experiences with professionalism, and to help them with their grades, stress, and give them head start on looking into colleges.

Entering a new working environment is usually intimidating to anyone, but Ariana felt otherwise about being apart of DVC.

“I was really excited to join DVC…  I had read the school website and visited DVC, and thought it was a great learning environment. I felt really comfortable around students and staff;  I am getting to know everyone. I hope to be a positive influence around here,” said Ariana.

Counselors have a major impact on the lives of the students they counsel, and varies depending on the circumstances of each student.

Goodacre and Ordonez believe that “it takes someone strong to be able to hear [the students’] stories, and to put themselves in the shoes of the person and think of the emotions as well as  the consequences of this pain. Even if the story is happy and uplifting, or sad and depressing story, you have to be strong and supportive. What is said in the office stays there and won’t be mentioned to other staff members or students, unless the student is not safe in a certain situation.”

No one said that growing up was going to be easy. Here at Da Vinci Communications there are counselors here to help high school students succeed in life and become something greater. It’s not always easy to step up to talk to someone and open up.

Ms. Goodacre sends a message to students, saying that she would advise anyone debating whether to talk to her to go and speak to another student who has came in and talked her because “[she is] very open and what you tell [her] is what you tell [her]; [she] will not judge you, as [her office] is a no-judgement zone.”

Although it’s Ms. Ordonez first year at DVC, she wants to hear your story and give you advice: “I want them to know that I will strive to guide them and provide them with useful information when they need help with anything, and I promise to uphold confidentiality unless the student gives me permission to share with others.”

A counselor is a person trained to give guidance on personal, social or psychological problems.  When it comes to Da Vinci, we work together in order to help each individual student. These counselors are here to comfort you and to set you on a path to success in high school.

If you would like to set an appointment with Ms. Brittany Goodacre or Ms. Ariana Ordonez, please click the link on
Brittany and Ariana are available and are more than happy to help you with anything you need.