Black is Worthless

Makaila Conley, Staff Writer

It’s sad to know that you are going to die one day,

to know that you were created on this Earth to live and now you are going to die one day,

To know that the streets you walk are not safe

It’s sad to know that the one that is said to protect you is the one that will kill you.

But those who are to protect aren’t strong,

they are weak and scared,

They hide their fear with the gun they hold.

White is pure,

White is power,

White is right

Black is worthless; I know this is true.

Black fight and fight which shows strength, but black is worthless,

When white is the true leader,

Hate for the color

love for the white pure skin.

The skin that will be protected,

The skin that is holy.

I was created to die,

But not to die in this way,

black will soon be gone and forgotten,

the curse of black will be cured

the curse that I have will be gone,

I will be gone and we all will be the same

We will continue to be brainwashed,

Continued  to be ruled,

we are animals who need a leader to control us

My hands are up and I surrender my life,

I surrender my strength to you,

so you won’t be so afraid.

The babies need to stop fussing now and hear our cries.

Why are you so afraid of my color when I’m more afraid of that gun?