I Am Who I Like

Janae Polk , Staff Writer


I like my brown skin, the color I live in

I like my thick brown hair, it’s a work of art

I like my big head, it gives me more room to think

I like my big eyes, they see everything

Brown they are, plain to the world, but filled with magic and wonder


I like my big nose, it always smells the occasion

I like my chubby cheeks, they’re filled with inspiring words

My full lips still, but when my lungs open for me to speak, out comes a song


I like my brown hands, they feel everything

And when I write, out comes a waterfall of vivid thoughts

My brown hands always tell a story, they move quickly like the speed of light

The keyboard is my piano, my fingers are the music

They produce the harmony, the flow, the extravagance


I like the fact that I’m black

I am a walking masterpiece

Painted by Oh Mighty himself

He spoke, “ You are the epitome of greatness and light itself.”

Perfect I am not, Flawed I am, but fearful I will never be


I walk in the steps of courage, love, and hard-working blood

I have soul and rhythm that cannot be broken

My ears so small but they hear everything

My voice so small, yet so powerful, so booming, so mesmerizing

My thighs so thick I walk everywhere with a bodacious stride

My feet so small I skim the ocean side


I am a constant difficulty, I am hard to handle.

But I rep this melanin like a gold medal

I stand tall in the light

I own who I am and I walk with the grace of a queen

I am who I like